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Valerie Foster Scammer - Fraudulent Practices

I filled out an application for an unsecured loan. I have a credit score above 740, and I was looking to consolidate some debt. I was contacted by Concord Global Solutions - Valerie Foster who told me that I qualified for a $25,000 loan at 8% interest, my payments would be $321 for 84 months. I did not want to have a loan term that long, she assured me there was no early pay off penalty. She also stated that once all documents were received back the loan would be funded the same day. I asked for her to send me the contract, as I was apprehensive about doing something like this online.

I did research Concord Global Solutions, I did not find any scam alerts or complaints. Valerie emailed me the contract, I reviewed. The contract asked for 3 monthly payments up front totaling $964 USD. I called and asked her what that was for, she stated that they go out and purchase insurance for the loan in case of default, but in essence I was just going to be making the first 3 payments in advance. Ok, sounded fine to me. I signed the contract and faxed it back. I called Valerie and asked her how I needed to process the payment and she said that I needed to wire the money via Western Union to Andre Wilkerson in Ontario Canada. She said not to tell the Western Union Agent that I was sending for this purpose or that I would be charged a higher fee, just to tell them that he was my friend. Well of course I Western Union'd the money $1050 total with the fees. I had to call her and give her the mcn number, and she said she will call me back.

Valerie called me back and said that they had received it, however, when the insurance company was reviewing my information against my credit report there were some discrepancies???? UH WHAT? I said there are no discrepancies, she said well they just want to insure that you are going to make the payments. I told her I own my own home, I own two cars, have had the same job for 18 years and lived in the same place for 25, there are no discrepancies. Valerie said that if I paid 3 more months up front that they would fund the loan immediately, of course I told her I was not sending any more money and that this was just a great big scam. Valerie assured me "No, this is not a scam".

I knew better....but really wanting to shave of some debt, I agreed top send the rest. I went onto Moneygram, processed the payment to the same Andre Wilkerson in Ontario, Canada....MoneyGram was taking a long time to process, then my phone rang. The operator asked me how I knew the person I was sending the money to. I lied and said he was a friend, they asked if I was buying goods or services, I said no that he was borrowwing the money. After a few minutes they informed me that they would not process the money that their security system red flagged his name. WOW! I feel just awesome now! So I call Valerie back and tell her what happened and inform her that I am not sending any more money. I want my money back that I sent. Valerie tells me that she will see if her company can make the 3 additional payments for me to get my loan funded, but she needs authorization and she will call me back. Valerie called me back and low and behold they authorized her to make the other three payments so that my loan could be funded but that it would take a week, said to call her on March 2.

Well it's March 2nd, spoke to Valerie this morning, payment had been made, loan should be funded within next couple of hours......Uh yeah right....No Loan...No Valerie..she won't return phone calls or emails. All I want is my money back that I sent. SHAME ON PEOPLE AND COMPANIES LIKE THIS!

Offender: Concord Global Solutions
Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York
Address: 59 Wall Street
Phone: 8889039229

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