Raj Palleti
TriMarketFx After convincing me to open an account with him and send in most of my families savings he not only blew my account out but disappeared and tried to make way with the rest of my money claiming he had

This is a warning to anyone being solicited by Raj Palleti or TriMarketFX or any of his other companies as he has numerous Forex Companies which he incorporates in Hong Kong so that he can hide from the Indian Feds. DO NOT INVEST WITH HIM or use any of his services!! Raj Palleti convinced me to invest money that was being saved for my kids future and my families savings claiming he would return 20% a month for me, he claimed he would be super safe with the money. Instead he churned not only my account but numerous other individuals and blew us out in less than a month.

He than tried to get us to re-invest by sending money to a "broker" he claimed was regulated, we later found out the Broker was his own company and he was trying to make way with what we had left by getting our money into the brokerage and shutting down shop overnight! He regularly approaches people online claiming he has a Forex Signal site which is run by him, he was previously employed by Honest Forex Signals and fired within a few months for placing horrible trades.

Offender: Raj Palleti
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 85281914644
Site: www.trimarketfx.com

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