USDirect Express
Failed to contact me when someone withdrew $5,546 from account,also their handling of my dispute was not within federal guidelines.

If you are receiving SSA/SSI don't not sign up for this card, it has a lot of problems too be worked out!
Lawmakers have mandated this card to be the primary payment system for all Americans receiving Gov. checks but this card doesn't offer the basic protection given by any banking institution. The card has a Comerica Bank logo but isn't part of Comerica ,they just rent the logo, as well as the Mastercard Logo on the front of the card.This isnt even a Bank and follow federal guideline when dealing with disputes as banks do.

On the seventh of Feb their where 12 withdrawals from my account in the amount of $5,546 dollars all from two atm in a matter of minutes and this ??bank didnt think this was unusual enough to warrant attention or even a phone call. Now all my funds are tied up in this dispute which im told may take up to 45 days even though the fed reserve gives them ten days to resolve it. They also state that they arent a bank so their process is different.They have not credited my account or made any allocations for my comfort even though I am a victim of fraud due to their neglect on their part. I didnt lose my card my number was swiped or copied and a duplicate used to access my account,when questioned about their security procedures, I was told if it was ten thousand or more they would call other wise im out of luck! Go set up an account with a bank to have your deposits from SSI placed with a real bank not some company which only plays as a bank until it is time to resolve banking issues. This is a company which doesn't have a physical address or any way to contact decision makers ,you will be told to wait for them to resolve the problem as they see fit.

Offender: USDirect Express
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: p.o. box 245998 san antonio Tx,78224
Phone: 18887411115

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