Security Lien on Residence after purchasing a Water System

Following is a correspondence with ISPC

Thank you for getting back with me ,however as I stated below I reviewed the paperwork and am left a little disturbed with your cavalier attitude.According to your paperwork the Security interest is on the "items purchased" not on my residence ,it seems you have made a giant leap in interpreting this and attaching the security interest in my residence.Which has caused me undue stress and aggravation and has interfered with my ability to secure my home and family.

I see there is a later explanation that would applying if there is a "Failure to Pay". but this doesn't apply in this case,I respectfully ask that you lift this lien from my residence ,since it does not apply in this case as there has never been an attitude of "Failure to Pay" leaving you in violation of your own contract ,I am still in possession of the Water System I purchased which is where you are entitled to a Secure Interest

Please advise to your position so that if necessary I can contact the State Attorney as well as my own council to pursue this further. Thank You RJW

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Dear Mr. W

Thank you for your email. Please refer to the section marked "Security Interest" on Customer Copy of Disclosures Page 2 of 3, which explains our Security Interest. If you are refinancing and do not wish to pay the account in full, you may be eligible to subordinate the loan if you lender should approve. Please have your title company or lender contact our Subordination Department at 1-800-345-4772 x1831 for teh subordination guidelines.


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Comments: I spoke to some one the other day about a security lien against my property,and was told that this was just to secure against the water system i purchased,I was told that this was allowed per the paperwork I sign at the time of the purchase,after reviewing the forms ,I see where the loan is secured on the items purchased but that a security lien would only be sought for a failure to pay which has not been the case you are automatically paid each month via my checking account.

I am in the process of modifying my mortgage and am being denied because of this lien you are holding against my home and in violation of your own forms. I would really like to get this resolved as it would reduce my mortgage payments ,I would refinance for the amount I owe you however am already upside down on the mortgage as it is , Please advise so I know how to pursue this . Thank you RJW

Offender: ISPC
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Tampa
Address: 6420 Benjamin Rd

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