New Hope Financial
Poor Customer Service/Unauthorized withdrawal for payment

This company has awful customer service. I hired this company to manage my Loan Mod with BoA back in October 2010. I've been dealing with them since then and the customer service has decreased in caliber after the last payment was made. I've had 4 different counselors, an unauthorized withdrawal (which caused my bank account to go into the negative resulting in non sufficient funds fees and a very unprofessional conversation with a Mr. Labeau on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. My last payment was due February, and New Hope withdrew two payments verses one. The February payment was my last payment of 4 installments, they took 5. I've been on the phone back and forth with them since then and the situation has not been resolved. I've spoken to Patrick (a supervisor), Mr. Sheldon (In charge of finance) and countless other reps with whom I feel do not require mentioning.

Today it reached its peak after speaking with Mr. Labeau. More than several calls were made to resolve the issue in which I always received a promise of a call back or they would check with their accounting department. No one has returned my call. Again I contact New Hope Financial and the person that answered the phone to put me in contact with a manager or supervisor. I asked not to be transferred to a voicemail and what do I get but voice mail!! I called right back and asked for a manager again, again I get voice mail. This has been the norm for over 2 months now. I made a 3rd call and Mr. Labeau answers the phone. Immediately the conversation became heated. I tried to explain to him that I did not want to be transferred again and to put me in contact with a manager.

He responds that he's a manager and that I should not disrespect him. Mind you I was forceful because I was agitated but I never disrespected him. The conversation goes on and I'm still being direct so again he tells me not to disrespect him and asked me if I "wanted to be introduced to a dial tone". I'm so mad at this point that I could only laugh. So I calm down as best as I can and told him my situation, again being direct, and again he tells me not to disrespect him. The whole conversation was basically about me disrespecting him and very little about how they are going to resolve the issue of the unauthorized withdrawal. He's asking me to tell him who told me I was due a refund and I laughed because I have not had the chance to talk to anyone specifically about a refund because I have been given the run around.

I required a refund in the amount of $597.00 because I agreed to four monthly payments and not five. He said he would call me back tonight. It's now 7:30 PM eastern standard time and no call. Should I start the process over again tomorrow or seek another solution?? Hmm. Owner , please contact me. I'm sure everyone there knows exactly who I am so you have my number.

Offender: New Hope Financial
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18777783852

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