Paramount Mortgage and Bond Company
H. John Frank, Jr., President, Corporate Abuse and Exploitation... blood sucking greed from the most vulnerable in the name of PROFIT

BEWARE - Paramount Mortgages position on compensation practices include profiting from unpaid expenses to withholding of compensation pay on commissions resulting from closings of loans originated from employees who have resigned or terminated employment. Despite their reassuring promises of such compensation to multiple employees (or why would employees leave their loans and not move them to their new companies), there is an obvious pattern of intentional deception in the name of CORPORATE GREED, praying on the most vulnerable, hard working and under paid. If you are fortunate enough to get a commission, Paramount Mortgage also goes above and beyond ways to make sure that they can extract the maximum dollar from each and everyone of their commissions by short paying you as well. Apparently their 75% profit isn't enough and they need to take from your 25% too.

Their hiring practices could be compared to revolving door. This process gives them the ability to confiscate commissions and steal contact database lists from unsuspecting employees for their benefit and ultimate bottom line. Example: The Florida branch over the last 6 months has gone through 6 employees. 4 remain, including the branch mgr and 2 are new hires.

All I can say is that we are a tight knit community here in Florida and your reputation is growing. Taking pay from families and single mothers who are struggling, then lying about it, doesn't fair well here in the south. Do us all a favor and go back to St. Louis, we've had enough of a bad rap here in Florida with unscrupulous lenders and predators of the most defenseless.

Lastly, I thought it was extra special to have the branch manager, Jim Gates, fire an employee right before Christmas in Florida. What kind of a company does this? Oh wait.... maybe one who honors their new God of the world's leading religion "Corporate Greed".

Paramount Mortgage "Expect to be SCREWED"

Offender: Paramount Mortgage and Bond Company
Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: St. Louis

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