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Hey Clarke and Cookie,

Saw your post on Co-operators! Still the same as they always.

They have acted like you say for a long time. Our MPP, Peter Kormos, helped a local person many years ago and went on record in the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

Mr Peter Kormos (Niagara Centre): Deborah Walden of Thorold got ripped off by Co-operators insurance, and she is some ticked off. Co-operators insurance agent Vern Furtney got a letter from her on March 16. In that letter, she says to Mr Furtney that he is "a lying, cheating, thieving, scum-sucking weasel," and that he is "a `bait and switch' operating dickhead."
She doesn't stop there. She has been picketing Co-operators on Fourth Avenue at Ridley Square in St Catharines, with her picket sign telling the world that Co-operators -- and, quite frankly, all private for-profit auto insurance -- is a rip-off and a scam, and she's been collecting thousands of names on petitions.

In fact, Co-operators sent the police to try to have her busted. The police said, "We're not going to arrest you." Quite frankly, I suspect the cops who arrived agreed with her and her opinion about Co-operators and every other private, for-profit insurance company.


Two weeks ago, she got a letter from a high-priced law firm saying that Co-operators is going to sue her. I joined her last Saturday, picketing outside Co-operators' Vern Furtney agency in St Catharines.

I agree with her: Vern Furtney and Co-operators are a rip-off. But then again, so is every private, for-profit auto insurance company and auto insurance premium here in Ontario.
We presented thousands of names on petitions yesterday. We'll keep on presenting those petitions and joining Ms Walden as she encourages thousands of other Ontarians to call for public auto insurance in this province -- a true end to the highway robbery.

Offender: Co-operators Insurance
Country: USA   State: Ontario   City: Guelph
Address: 130 Macdonnell Street
Phone: 18002652612

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