Miami Advertising Group
MAG Inc. Global, Inc. Prizm Marketing, CMG, Carl Foss, Mike Vernoni WARNING This company slaves people by making them work 12hrs per day for a lousy commision.

First Part: The Call

The Company MAG, Inc. has a secretary searching the web and looking for applicants. She uses different job hunt web pages like In my case her name was Jessica. Youll receive a call giving you the opportunity to be part of a growing marketing company related to sports. Jessica will give you or send you an e-mail with an address (4651 Sheridan Street, Unit 301, Hollywood, FL 33021) and ask when you can come in. In the e-mail I noticed something odd. The name of the guy I have to talk with is only Carl. No last name at all, just Carl. I know now why, they dont want you to know his last name. While I was on the field; my wife did a quick web search for his name after I gave it to her while waiting on the reception the day before and found this:

If you Google Carl Foss you will see why they omitted it.

Offender: Miami Advertising Group
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Hollywood
Address: 4651 Sheridan Street 301
Phone: 9546029743

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