Park National Bank - Sourthwest Ohio
Peggy Beckett - Assistan Vice President Checking account with a monthly fee - Park National advertised for everytime you use your debit card in a month money would be deducted off of your monthly service charge. Park National "hot carded"

I opened a checking account at Amelia branch Park National Bank. I had several checks that were returned NSF, but I paid all of the NSF fees and made good on all of the checks. I did not have overdraft protection by choice.

Peggy "hot carded" (took my debit card in an ATM machine) my debit card numerous times and when I went to the bank to see what happened, I was told I had to speak personally to Peggy. I went into her office and she looked at my account and told me that since some of the checks were to a casino, it proved that I was not worthy of a debit card. We argued because I told her it was none of her business where I wrote the checks to because I made good on them and paid the $32.00 overdraft fee for everyone of them.

I was so furious that I called the President of Park Nation Bank and talked to him. He initially told me that they had the right to do what ever they wanted since we had overdraft protection. I explained to him that we didn't have overdraft protection, he then said "Oh that's different, we have no right telling you where to spend your money". He then asked what I wanted from the situation and I said I wanted a personal appology from Peggy.

Shortly after my conversation with the President of the bank, I recived a phone call from Peggy and she appologized and said she was just looking after my financial situation. (Where I spend my money is nobodys business, especially a bank).

She continued to "hot card" my debit card every chance she got.

I went to a different branch and explained to them how Peggy was treating me and they said I could open a new checking account at their branch and Peggy would have no power over that checking account (employess at the Anderson, Ohio branch were great).

The account I opened at that branch was an "Ultimate Checking Account". With this account they charge a monthly fee of $10, but everytime you use your debit card within a month, it deducts money from your checking account and you could end up not paying any fee for a month. This is what I planned on doing every month because I use my debit card a lot and thats why I chose this type of account.

After a little while with this account, suddenly my debit card was "hot carded". When I asked what happened I was told that Peggy "hot carded" it until I could prove for a month that I was worthy of having it. That month I had to pay a montly fee because I didn't have a debit card to deduct the fee.

They advertise this "Ultimate Account" by saying you can waive your monthly fee by using your debit card. By continually taking my debit disabled me from taking advantage of having the account without having a montly fee. I think it is absolutley a case of false advertisement.

Offender: Park National Bank - Sourthwest Ohio
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Amelia
Address: 1187 Ohio Pike
Phone: 8884747275

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