Storm Damage Coverage Charlotte

When disaster strikes you think you have coverage? Think again if you have Nationwide Insurance.

We have had Nationwide insurance for 23 years. We recently filed a claim for Storm Damage - some 10 - 12 trees - various sizes - falling in front of house and accross driveway. Contact Nationwide to file claim, accepted their "Blue Ribbon" services and contractor. Contractor called and was at house in one hour - fantastic. He took pictures and told me there were men on the way to cut the trees from the driveway. He informed me that Nationwide would only cover the removal of that portion of the trees that are blocking the driveway - not the full trees. Ah- what??? Will only cover that portion of the trees that is over driveway - not the top, not the trunk only the middle. Not a happy customer.

To further agravate us, I called the claims department back - first Nationwide adjuster claimed that they would only cover $500 in debris removal, but then we have a $500 deductable - so they would not cover anything. Getting hotter.

Complained to our agent (new agent as our old agent retired earlier this year). He quoted the same as the first adjuster, but he would make a few calls to see wahat was going on. Received another call from another adjuster. This adjuster claimed that Nationwide could only cover that portion of fallen trees that was over the driveway and that this was regulated by the state of NC. I requested a copy of where in my policy these regulations were. Received vague answers from adjustor. But she would see what she could do. OK she came back with a settlement, sent me a copy of the contractors estimate, and said if this looked OK they would cover the costs of the tree removal. I requested confirmation that the quote was for the removal of the full trees - not just a portion of the trees that were over the driveway. She danced around the question a little - then said yes it was for the full tree - I reconfirmed that it was trees - plural as there were more then one. Again she said yes the whole trees - and I have all this in writing in an e-mail. OK we have made a step forward - I thought. The next day the ajduster calls - not e-mail like previous correspondance - to tell me that she made a mistake and that the quote was only for the portion of the trees that had fallen accross the driveway. I requested that she put this in writing along with where I could find this information in my policy. She sent me this long e-mail all about falling trees and what the policy covered and would not cover claiming this is what was written in my policy. Again I asked where I could find this verbage in my policy - as the verbage in my policy renew package was different then the verbage she sent.

Long story short suddenly she was no longer my adjuster - they assigned a third adjusted - who like the second danced around - did not want to put any conversations in writing, and claimed that his hands were tied that the state of NC made the regulations on what Nationwide could cover for storm damage. Yea right - but he is insisting that this is the final settlement and claims to be sending a check, trying to force me into an unfair settlement.

Now - I have this tunnel going through my driveway with cut off trees on both sides - and over my neighbor's lawn - a fire and liability hazard created by Nationwide. What am I to do - I do not have the money to have the trees removed properly I have spent my money on an insurance policy which I thought would cover me when disaster strikes. These trees range in size from 5 feet in diamiator to 2 feet in diamiator and are partiall suspended over my property.

Help someone - let me know what to do.
(sorry for spelling errors - I am still quite upset with Nationwide)

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