Ipayment inc.
Another victim

Ipayment has been successfully sued and the owner appears to be dodging a $300,000,000.00 judgment against him. Maybe this is why the company has such a huge tract record or poor customer service and shady business activity.

Ever since Ipayment began holding several thousand dollars of our money, we spoke to William in Risk management back in Sept of 2010. He was very rude on the phone and advised the funds would be on hold and they'd review the account in 30 days to see if they could be released. 30 days came and went, no funds released. We called William every 30 days for 6 months straight. Never answers phone, always goes to voice mail. Each time we were polite and asked for a call back. Not once did he attempt to call us. Either he doesn't care about customer service or he is scared of a possible confrontation.

6 months later they again held more funds. Called spoke to another person in Risk Management (who was actually a nice guy--you can still be nice and deliver poor news) and advised they were closing our account and here's the kicker--they would be holding our funds (back from Sept. and recent) for another 7 months. He explained it would take 30 days to cancel the account then they can hold the funds for another 6 months beyond that date. Contract says they can only hold funds for 6 months. Can someone say fraud????

Our business is now at the doors of bankruptcy and we've had to cancel and refund customer's unshipped orders. William called us to see why we were refunding some orders. He was rude and proceeded to tell us how to properly run a business. Huh? He ended up hanging up on us during the phone conversation midway through my sentence. Didn't even bother trying to call him back--why bother? Again, this was from a company we paid for a service. The good thing is we new what to expect from the conversation and recorded it!

If your reading this, most likely you already use this company, so there is no sense in warning you to stay away. Here's what you can do, won't get you much results but if your having a problem report them to the better business bureau. This will not force things in your favor, but in the very least you'll get a call back. Report it to there state's attorney general. Once they get enough complains on file, they'll open an investigation. Once a company is being investigated by the attorney general, they'll always find areas to focus on. Close your bank account and end your relationship with this company ASAP.

Offender: Ipayment inc.
Country: USA   State: California   City: Calabasas
Site: ipaymentinc.com

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