Law Office of Thomas J. Sherwood

First let me say I am an ex-affiliate and am working with state and FBI agents to uncover the crude and piggish ways of this so called godly man as he portrays to be. Yes Mr. Stevens let the truth be told! I worked with this scum bag for a few weeks and the first preindication that I felt like this was not a stable company to be affiliated with with is when I noticed gallons of wine underneath Mr. Stevens desk. He was glassy eyed with a bottle of pain killers on his desk. My first day he asked me to sit in his office when he arrived at 11:45 a.m. (May I add I was told to arrive at 9 a.m.) He then proceded to try to enlighten me on his religious beleifs and ask me about my ansestry which made me feel quite awkward. I always found it creepy when he would have several glasses of wine and turn off the lights, shut his door and "says" hes taking a nap! Mr. Stevens is the owner of the loan modification company & Thomas J. Sherwood only comes in to put his signature on the paperwork and when Thomas Sherwood does not come in "another employee" takes it upon herself to sign for him. I can recall a time when "another employee" stated that Mr. Stevens became aware that she and another employee forged the notory and signature on over half of the files in house and those employees were never terminated. Now are those the kind of human beings you want working for you to salvage your home? Snip, cut, paste and there you have it a file they feel is suitable to send to your lender until you get blacklisted and then the law office refuses to tell you your modification has been denied just so they can aviod giving you the refund that you are entitled to. Its not your fault they butchered the original paperwork that was sent to them in the first place.

None of the people there are qualified to do anything with mortgages they dont even have a brokers licence. The Stevens have a on going criminal enterprise known as Law Office of Thomas J. Sherwood & Debt Defence Education. This is another one of his BRAND NEW SCAMS! Need I mention that Mr. William Stevens went to prison for counterfeiting, theft, embezzlement & fraud. Just goes to show you how some folks will sell there souls to the devil just to make a buck.

Offender: Law Office of Thomas J. Sherwood
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Internet
Address: 11524 E. U.S. Highway 92 Seffner, FL 33584
Phone: 8772464486
Site: &

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