No debt owed, harrassing calls, immediate payment, no paperwork 222 known lawsuits against them

Settled a disputed loan account over a year ago - from another inept collection agency. Have received calls twice a day for nearly the entire time from NES. Have never received any paperwork from these cons and they cannot provide any proof of any kind. Tried to resolve this reasonably and calmly with them but this is apparently not within their company policy. Threats, screaming, derogatory remarks, and lawsuits are standard communication. I ignore their calls.
I owe them nothing. The disputed debt was settled with the previous agency which was used to collect a debt that I was unable to resolve with the loan originator. That problem occurred because of their ineptness in handling my payments which were never correctly applied to the loan. My payments were portioned out to another separate loan (not related to me in any way) resulting in fees and penaties assessed every month for insufficient payments, late payments, etcc. Spent over a year trying to resolve those payments without results so I told them I was not sending them any more money until it was resolved - would you send money to any company that didn't credit your account for the payment?
Anyhow, do some research. Do not send these cons ANY money unless correct documentation is provided. Bet you will not get any. Check your caller ID. They are always 'UNAVAILABLE' or 'Illinois call'. This is likely a call forwarding sceme to avoid you seeing their actual caller ID.

I have found online that their are currently 222 lawsuits against them for Fair Credit Reporting, and other violations.

I will be one of the next to file if this does not cease and desist.

Report them to your state attorney general.

Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Solon
Address: 29125 Solon Road
Phone: 6182084388

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