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I ordered two canisters from Blemish-Free in January 2011. When I did not receive my order I emailed - twice. They never responded. I just received this response (see below) from the payment service I used. BLEMISH-FREE IS A FRAUD. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. THEY BELONG IN PRISON!!!

The claim made to KliK andPay about my $160 charge for Blemish-Free:

Claim open on Wednesday, April 13th 2011 :

le 13/04/2011

I ordered 2 blemish free canisters (refills) from on Janyuary 15, 2011 (my bank account was charged 160.00 on January 19, 2011) and I have not received the product yet. I have emailed customer service twice (; I received an auto-response each time and no one followed up to contact me. It has been almost three months. Either give me my money back or send me the product.

This company is perpetrating a fraud and should be shut down.

Klik & Pay le 15/04/2011

Dear Mrs. Patricia

Klik & Pay is a trusty and serious well known Swiss secure payment gateway serving in excess of 5000 merchants all over the world, and you need to know about Blemish Free situation.

Blemish Free is using Klik & Pay services since 2006 and since earlier this year we had never faced any issue with them and always had good relationship. They got orders, Blemish Free got payment for it and the customers got the products they ordered. Everything was clear until this last months where the number of customers complaints for no delivery started to increase. Blemish Free gave us different stories to explain this situation and promise that everything should be cleared within some weeks. We have then stopped payment to Blemish Free and refunded all customers for which the merchant has not been paid by Klik & Pay due to complaint from customers or due to lack of information from Blemish free since March 1st.

Now Blemish Free changed from Klik & Pay to PayPal in order to try to get money and they owe us a lot of money. Klik & Pay has sent your money to Blemish free who is totally responsible of all this situation

Best regards


Offender: Blemish-Free
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Chicago

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