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On 1/4/09, while surfing the intranet, I saw an article with a headline that said “Endorsed by Oprah and Dr. Oz – miracle weight loss drug…” the article offered a “free trial” of the Acai product and a free trial of a “digestive cleanse”. I am unable to find the exact article that I read as of today (2/17/09) so don’t know the exact wording. It looked legitimate and I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of the Acai berry so I ordered the free trials of both the products. I gave my credit card # to pay for the shipping and handling ($5.95 and $4.95 respectively). Even before I received any of the products, I was charged more than $130 (see table below for details). When I received and reviewed my January credit card statement on 2/17/09, I then looked at my “recent” charges that hit my VISA (have not yet received a statement) online and found $250 more in charges to multiple merchants that all related to the 2 free samples that I ordered (I was charged a total of $400 for two free samples). I called the merchants listed on my statement and listed below is what I was told:

1. When I called the Dri*Wuyi Pixie Tea and Dri*Bromalite merchant (they are the same merchant) they told me that because I didn’t cancel my “membership” after 15 days of receiving the free trial, I was charged for these two products. I explained that I did not receive the free sample until yesterday (2/16/09) and that I have not received these two products. In addition, I explained that I was not aware that I need to cancel anything when I purchased the free sample or I would be charged. This merchant agreed to refund the cost of the product that I did not receive. I received no cancellation # or anything to suggest that they will or will (or will not) live up to their promise. I will have to wait to see if they honor their word. This merchant didn’t argue with me too much but I did have to ask to speak with a supervisor to get them to agree to refund the full amount. Total charges that they agreed to refund is $34.95; $69.95 and $69.95.

2. When I called, I got a ton of lip… The agent kept trying to tell me that it was “a bundled purchase when I order the Acai Berry…” After much arguing, I finally got her to agree to refund the $29.95. This was apparently a monthly fee for some service that I wasn’t aware of and subsequently received NO information on. I was given a cancellation # for the service, nothing to suggest that they will live up to their promise to credit my credit card for the $29.95. Again, I will have to wait and see if they honor their commitment.

3. Charges related to the Acai product (all are the same merchant) in the amounts of $94.57; $88.62 and $5.95 (for the tea product) – see below. This merchant is obviously the biggest fraudster and the Agent was well trained in techniques to “wear down” the caller. I really couldn’t get anywhere with this merchant. I spoke with Courtney for nearly 40 minutes. She kept telling me that I was charged the amount above because “I neglected to cancel my membership within 15 days of receiving my trial product…” I explained that I wasn’t aware of my responsibility to cancel the “membership” and furthermore, that really didn’t even matter since I haven’t even received the products I was asking a refund for. She gave me an RMA (return materials authorization #) that I was to write on the outside of the package when I return the product. I pointed out to her how asinine that was given that I haven’t received the product (I have nothing to return). We argued back and forth for 20 minutes and I finally insisted that I speak with her supervisor. She was trained well – kept asking me what she hadn’t fully explained to me, blah, blah, blah. I finally told her I was done talking to her and she said her supervisor was busy with another customer, I told her that I would hold. She came on the line three more times trying to “talk me out of speaking with her supervisor” but I wouldn’t budge. Finally she came back on the line a fourth time and told me her supervisor asked that I fax my billing statements to them with an explanation of why I was requesting a refund. I had to get back to work so I took the number and hung up.

I immediately called my credit card company, disputed all of the charges listed (except for the two “free” samples that I did receive) and canceled my card. I then did a little research online. There are multiple sites where consumers have logged complaints against SFL Nutrition (e.g., Rip Off Report;, better business bureau, etc.). I have attached the BBB report for SFL Nutrition – they rated this company F – the worst rating they give. I also plan to call the Boca Raton Police Department Internet Crimes Division at 561-331-1333 and log complaints with the BBB and Federal Internet Crime Complaint Center at

Offender: Acai Berry
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Boca Raton

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