Poor Customer Service & Rude staff

Here's the perfect example of a company who could care less about their customers. I was told by one of the managers at this location that I should store my rain check for Matrix/Biolage hair care products in a safe place because they fade, but never expire...I went into the store to use my rain check and the manager on duty implied that I was lying about the product I was trying to buy using the rain check. She indicates to me that in her 7 years with Ulta she never saw the liters of Matrix/Biolage shampoos & conditioners sell for $9.99. Mind you, the rain chech was slightly faded (printed on receipt paper) but legible. It clearly stated the products and the sale price. She then called the CS number for ULTA and a REALLY rude CS representative flat out told me they would not honor it because it was expired...She also asked me if I expected them to honor an old rain check? I proceeded to ask her for a Corporate Address and she simply hung up on me. I don't expect anything in the world, EVER, except respect and a company to stand behind and honor what their in-store employees, "managers" tell their customers...Since this incident I have sent a letter to ULTA's Corporate Office in Romeoville, Illinois using signature confirmation & priority mail and have never heard from anyone...I have been shopping at ULTA for over 6 years now and will have to find a different place for my beauty products. It is obvious that all of their customers are treated as "one more" customer and they don't care if we leave... I hope that one day they pay the price for this awful customer service and lack of loyalty to their long-term customers...This is why there is so much wrong with the officers sitting in corporate office in America...

Offender: ULTA
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Miami
Site: ULTA.com

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