Strivectin and Bio Oil
They're useless

I knew not to buy Strivectin stretch mark cream but I did anyways because I thought that maybe all the hype around the product was true. I used it for 2 1/2 months, 3 times a day on my stretch marks as directed. It did absolutely nothing. After I got tired of rubbing it on my stretch marks, I still had a little left so I used it on a very tiny scare just to see if it would work. Nothing! I am so glad I didn't pay the full $135 at a department store for this POS product. BTW, Bio Oil and Coco Butter didn't improve the appearance of my stretch marks either. At least Coco Butter smells good, absorbs quickly and moisturizes your skin. Bio Oil doesn't absorb well at all and when I was using it, for 3 months, my skin was always dry and flaky. Bio Oil is worse than Strivectin, but $110 cheaper. My dermatologist told me there is not way to get rid of stretch marks. I wasn't trying to get rid of them necessarily, I was just trying to get them to not look so bad.

Offender: Strivectin and Bio Oil
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Tucson

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