Royal Hair NY
wost exerience

I could not agree more with favoritechild below. This was the worst hair experience of my life. I regret going into a office building for hair extensions. What was I think? An office building? When you go upstairs, there are no hair tools. Blowdriers, scissors, coloring, zero. I was talked into the $499 special, 4 bundle of cheap hair for $499. My hair was short, so 4 bundles was not enough hair. I left the place completely ridiculous. My hair wasn't cut, styled, or anything. Just missing spots due to a lack of hair extensions for my head. the hair felt so fake after, I should of never agreed to it.

My friends could not believe what I looked like. It took them like 15 minutes to stop snickering. I had to then make an appointment at my hair salon near my job in NJ to fix it for $1000, because I could not go to work that way.

I did not have hair extensions to remove luckily, otherwise I would have been humiliated like favoritechild. My advice to all. Avoid, Avoid, and Avoid. Did I forget to say, Avoid?

Offender: Royal Hair NY
Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York

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