Planet Fitness Gym Membership
Cancellation didnt take place and we were sent to collections

We went directly to Planet Fitness last year (2008) to cancel our membership and the cancellation paperwork was filled out and then mailed out by a Planet Fitness employee. As of May 2009 ABC Financial had placed us in collections for $394 for charges they say we owed for not canceling our account. This is absolutely untrue. I placed a call to ABC Financial which after calling I found out that they are a very tiny collection agency that is manned by two of the rudest representatives that I have EVER dealt with by the names of Ginger (who claims she is the manager) and Maria (the rudest rep. ever!). After advising Maria of the error on our credit report she advised me that she will not remove it from our credit report and that we have 30 days to pay for their mistake. I then told her I wanted her manager and she immediately hung the phone up on me! I called back and was greeted by Ginger who I then advised that I was hung up on by Maria and this smug woman advised me in return that she TOLD Maria to hang up on me! Unbelievable! So, needless to say, I was furious at this point and requested her supervisor or manager and she told me that there was noone else above her and she hung up on me as well. I furiously called her back and demanded the name of the president and the address for her company and she outright refused that information and then lied and said SHE was the president of that company. When I told her off about being so rude to me she then advised me that she is not in customer service and that they are a collection agency and proceeded to hang up on me again. I'd advise anyone who has a membership at Planet Fitness to make sure you not only keep a copy of your cancellation notice you send, but to also just go ahead and cancel altogether because eventually you WILL be dealing with these worthless losers. Also, anyone who is even THINKING of going to Planet Fitness, turn around as quick as you can and find a more suitable and more worthy gym to spend your money at. I am taking this situation completely to the top.

Offender: Planet Fitness Gym Membership
Country: USA   State: Florida

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