Massage Envy
Horrible Company for both LMTs & Clients

If you are a Licensed Massage Therapist and looking for a job, please look elsewhere. Massage Envy is nothing but a sweatshop. LMTs are treated like robots; the pay is horrible; benefits including pay is misrepresented during initial interview; no orientation or training but as soon as you do something Massage Envy does not like, you are bombarded with e-mails from the clinic administrator; if you ask for help, you don't receive it; e-mails are never returned unless the clinic needs you to work more hours so the clinic can make more money; and, to add insult to injury, watch your paycheck as they are never correct. If you are a potential client, please look elsewhere. Massage Envy advertises a one-hour massage; however, 10 minutes are allotted for the client to undress, get on the massage table and after the massage, get off the table and redress. Find a Licensed Massage Therapist who does not charge you for those reasons. The last time I checked a one hour massage should consist of 60 minutes of hands-on massage therapy unless the client shows up late or the massage is listed as lasting 50 minutes (and the cost should reflect same). LMTs & clients, please do yourselves a huge favor & stay away from Massage Envy (also known as Massage Walmart)!!! You'll all due yourselves a huge favor by staying away from this massage mill (sort of like a puppy mill - not acceptable at all) . . . run, run, run to a Licensed Massage Therapist who really cares about the client first, not the almighty dollar. Massage Envy sees clients as walking dollar signs and LMTs as indentured servants.

Offender: Massage Envy
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Dublin

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