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If it sounds too good to be true...we all know the rest. Recently I "took their ad bait" and made a consult appointment. The person I talked with was a trained semi-high pressure sales rep, obviously calling from a centralized "boiler room" operation. She said I could only get the info packet and dvd by coming in for a free consult. Though doubts had already started, I made an appt. Two overly friendly appt. reminders followed, also from a boiler room operation. After looking up what meager info there was on the doctors, too many things didn't feel right and I cancelled. Almost immediately I got calls from the original contact person, urging me to keep the appt., reaffirming LSL's claims of 1 hour, minimal discomfort, etc. Then she said, "Does canceling have anything to do with 'all that false misinformation on the internet?'"What??!!

I hadn't read the net reviews since I was just going for info, and had in fact more or less decided it all felt too creepy. What an enlightenment!!! Why are these people still in business, still allowed to make these overblown promises and outright lie? And to offer discounts if the patient signs on the line right then and there? That should be anyone's cue to make a break for the exit and never look back.

Thank you all who posted complaints; I wish you well and hope you can find some remedy. Don't believe ANYTHING that remotely smells like high pressure sales. Reputable REAL doctors wouldn't do that. Thank heaven I followed my instincts in the first place.

Offender: Lifestyle Lift
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando

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