Kay's Jewelers
Horrible Service/Ignorant SM

My fiance purchased an engagement ring for me on 4/7/11 and proposed the very same day. I went to the store the next day at Westgate Mall to drop it off and have it resized to fit better. I dropped it off with the store manager and her name was Amber. When dropping it off, I asked her if she could put a rush on it, so I could have it back sooner than the expected date they had told me. She then, got on the phone with the vendor and she assured me I would have it back in 5-7 business days. So, that was on 4/8/11. ( I am very eager to get this ring back mind you) So, I begin calling the next week, just wanting to know the status of the ring, I talked to I know all the associates that work there at least once. All of them were very rude and short with me and assured me they would have the SM call me back. Not one associate had the EXACT location of my ring. One said they ship it to Charlotte, one says Atlanta ETC. Well she never did call me back all that week. So come that Sunday I call the store and talk to another associate and she tells me the same thing. So, about 30 mins. later, Amber does call me back. She begins to explain the process of sending it out and tells me it is in Atlanta where the vendor is out, and she called them prior to talking to me and my ring would be in possibly 4/23/11 or later, she was unsure. So I begin to ask her questions like do they not have paper work showing what will be coming in upcoming deliveries to thier store?..And, as a SM she personally sent me ring back and assured me that it would be back in 5-7 business days and I have been calling on the status. She tells me that her employees have not notified her of me calling, I told her that was poor comunication on her part as a SM running a store. She says that she has been a SM at this store for 8 years and runs a very successful business. At this point she is ticked off. She then asks me "why do I feel like I am so special to have my ring rushed to me so quick." I tell her, she assured me, that it would be in that time frame..and everything is about making the customer happy and customer satisfaction. She disagrees with me and starts yelling me loudly and tells me, maybe I need to get a job in retail or something to that effect to understand how this process works with shipments and etc. I tell her, I actually do. I work for a multi-billion dollar compnany, and if my customer wants something they will have it. So, I tell her just tell the vendor to overnight my ring back, and I will take it else where to be sized. She then tells me no, I will get my ring when it comes to that store and it will be sized already and everything for me. The vendor will only ship overnight if it is a customer service issue. So, I asked her, "you mean to tell me, my fiance paid over $4000.00 for a ring, you are telling me I can't have?" She agreed with that. The arguement got even more heated over that. Long Story short, I called the corporate line. The gentleman was very nice on taking my complaint, during the complaint he put me on hold and said he had to call the store and see what she says. He calls and Amber the SM tells him she told me my ring would be in the very next day at 9:00AM to pick up. This is untrue. So, he himself pulled my purchase, and she did not send my ring out, until almost a week later after I took it in (so, she knows she messed up) and they have no idea when my ring will arive now. So I am still out of a ring, and she still has a job..where she can talk to her customers in any type of way she wants, when all I wanted was a simple answer instead of being put off. And she never once said "I'm sorry", or "what can I do, to make you happy"..She yelled at me, and wasted my time. SO BUYERS DO NOT BUY FROM KAY'S JEWELERS IN WESTGATE MALL!!! They are horrible and do not hold agreements/promises with thier paying customers.

Offender: Kay's Jewelers
Country: USA   State: South Carolina   City: Spartanburg

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