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TAKE IT OR LEAVE policy - Disrespectful staff

I was given information conflicting information about a Black Card membership offer at a new Planet Fitness . Before signing up, I was told that black card members are allowed to visit any Planet fitness, bring a guest anytime (no limits), black card members and guest can use the gym and the amenities (massage chair, tanning and hydromassage table). So, I was excited and I was convinced to sign up for $19.99 mo. However, after the gym opened on December 14, 2013. I my guest (my 15 year old) and I visited the gym on 12-16-13, we were allowed to use the amenities after giving the staff my black card membership number. The regional manager and staff set us up. No problem. However, when I returned on December 20, 2013. The Gym manager told me that my guest could not use the amenities, only the Black card members, not their guest. I told her that was not my guest first time using the amenities and being able to bring a guest and we beable to use the amenities was explained and I accepted when I signed up. I asked for her (gym manager) to show me in writing. And she could not show me, she said this is just the rule. I returned on 12-28-13 and spoke to the Regional Manager (Jonesboro, Ga). When I brought this rule to his attention to file a complaint, he stated that he didn't care what someone else told me, guest is not allowed to use the amenities! I recalled that he was the one who set up my quest and he had his staff set me up to use the hydromessage table (an amenity). He remembered. But this is just the rule he said. And then I told him what was said and I signed didn't clearly state that. He got a contract and circled and read a statement which had absolutely no relevance to the "Black Card Member's Guest Is Not Allowed to use the Amenities!" He got upset and said that the gyms have the right to have a verbal contract to cover that rule. I told him I did not sign a verbal contract, I signed a written contract. I asked if he could post this rule of statement up for public notice and he (Jonesboro, Ga. Regional Manager)stated he do not make the rules. I felt it should be in writing disclosed on the contracts and posted public notice. So I requested to change my Black Card Membership be changed due to false information. And that I was going to sign up my quest as a regular card member also. His way of resolving my complaint was, DON'T QUESTION ME, TAKE IT OR LEAVE! He got angry for my questioning proof and for no apparent reason choose to CANCEL my membership $19.99 and my son's $10 a month. Only 13days less holidays and being closed on Sundays.

I would like for this company to clearly state that Black Card Member Guest ARE NOT allowed to use the amenities! And I would like to be refunded my $19.99 and $10 totalling $29.99. For being deceived, not being able to question my confusion about rules not clearly disclosed to me or the public. And not being able to use the gym for which I'd paid for when I didn't break any of the rules. Thanks

Offender: Planet Fitness
Country: USA   State: All USA

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