Banfield Vet Hospital

I have a 5 month old Cocker Span. I took her in to be spayed 4-15-11. Upon checkin I was told hair was going to be shaved off her leg for the IV. I asked for the IV to be placed where you could not see the hair removal. She is a Champion Breed Cocker, they took a 2 inches band off her front leg, for one tiny needle!!! I am very upset, her show coat now has to be cut off, the 2 inch band of missing hair will never catch up. I am SO UPSET. There was NO reason for that to be done. I am upset that my request was not followed. When I was talking to the Breeder, she has had many Cockers at the Vet for procedures that require IV applications. NEVER has her Vet Tech cut the hair off, she explained they separate it and do the IV. I now need to start over with her show coat. I am berside myself with ange

Offender: Banfield Vet Hospital
Country: USA   State: South Carolina   City: Greer

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