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My wife and I decided after much research to look for a Boxer breeder. When we searched for a breeder in Massachusetts. When you google it this company has obviously invested money with web design such that their company comes up well-positioned. After speaking with the person that answered the phone (who knows what state they were in) and then , after insisting to speak to the breeder by phone, talking to the breeder, we were reassured that it would be a great idea to take the last two in the litter. Admittedly we were naive to the concept that taking two from the same litter might not be optimal. We certainly received no counseling from the main contact person r the breeder that it might not be the best idea....nor did they actually ask ANY questions about our home, who we were, how we planned to care for the guys, etc., whicih we have come to understand is a HUGE red flag. We were guaranteed healthy guys with no family history of the classic heart problems that Boxers can get. We also, after findgin out our breeder was actually in Nevada (not Massachusetts), ask how the dogs would be sent. We were assured they would be sent by direct flight without layover if we paid more which we did given time of year and hotter weather. We were assured that they had been tested for common problems like worms. WHAT WE GOT: two wonderful guys......that arrived late via 3 hour connection in Texas where they sat in the belly of the plane in their little crate they came in together with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of food; they were emaciated with worms and with horrible GI issues that we finally sorted after a year of hunting for the best food to keep them from chronic diarrhea, and both have cardiomyopathy -- the most common type of heart problem for Boxers. We were lied to on multiple occasions and after later seeing the expose by NBC news on PureBred Breeders on similar experiences since, WE CANNOT SAY ENOUGH TO SCARE YOU AWAY FROM THESE PUPPY MILL WHORES. To the tune that we actually feel we rescued these guys (with a super bill), we love our two boxers but on many occasion we wish we could find a way to have the authorities shut this horror show of sham artists down. Hold onto your money, wait for a local litter that you can see in person. These people suck.

Offender: Purebred Breeders.com
Country: USA   State: All USA

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