Horrible animal treatment

took my 15lb dog to petco for a bath and trim. after over 3hrs when they didnt call, i called them. said he wasnt ready yet. told them i needed to get dog because i had company coming for dinner. when i went to pick dog up,they were brushing him out and the girl started yelling about him being a bad bad dog. the poor dog was shaking! she had his back leg pulled out and was ripping the fur off him, he was crying out. I asked her to be gentle and she continued to call him a rotten dog, bad dog ect. She then picked his back legs up off the tabel by his tail and raked the metal brush between his back legs very hard, again the dog yelped. i advised her that he was done!!! she then took the tines of the brush and HIT MY DOG ON THE TOP OF THE HEAD WITH THEM!!! At that point, I walked back through the gate and she literally unhooked him and yanked him off the table by the leash and dropped him to the floor. The poor dog came running to me crying and shaking. Then the little witch had the guts to THROW his retractable leash at both of us!!! She actually thought I was going to pay 40.00 to have my dog abused!! I got ahold of a manager and she was absolutly useless. We complained to corp office and it took them almost a month to call us back even though we had called numberous times. We were told nothing was going to be done about it. I GUESS I SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE POLICE WHILE I WAS RIGHT THERE AND HAD HER ARRESTED FOR ANIMAL ABUSE!!! I will never step foot in a petco store again!!!

Offender: Petco
Country: USA   State: All USA

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