Melinda Cruz-Rios
Ragdolls to Riches Complaint

Never purchase a kitten from this breeder!! SCAM.

In early August 2012, I came across an advertisement on craigslist regarding a female Himalayan kitten who was four weeks old at the time. Interested, I sent the breeder an email asking for more information and pictures. Melinda Cruz-Rios emailed back quickly and gave us more info and pictures. We were told that the kitten would be ready in the middle of September, when she was old enough to be released. According to Melinda, this was her first litter of Himalayan kittens, as she usually breeds Ragdolls. The price of the kitten was $350, $150 of which was going to be sent as a deposit. One week after the original inquiry email was sent, we had been notified that Melinda would get the kitten spayed before she came home with us. Because of the supposed spaying the kitten would receive, Melinda asked for $250 as a deposit. We agreed and she received the money within a few days. As the end of August neared, we kept getting pictures of the kitten, but we were told that she was a "teacup" kitten and therefore was too small to spay until she was six months old. Because we had sent $250, Melinda told us that it would be deducted from the price of the kitten, and therefore we would only pay $100 upon time of pickup. September came and we received a call from Melinda in which she told us that the kitten was too small and thought that it would be better to keep her until October. We reluctantly agreed, and by this point the kitten was nearing 12 weeks old. Unable to make certain dates before the middle of October, we texted Melinda to set up a date to pick her up. Melinda kept making excuses (whether they were true or not) as to why she was unable to meet up with us to drop off the kitten. It became very evident to us that she was unwilling to give her up and so we decided that at this point the kitten was too old (15-16 weeks). We texted Melinda that we were choosing not to take the kitten because of her inconveniences to us. We told her we would like $200 back from the deposit, offering for her to take $50 for the short notice on our part. She texted back unusually fast, almost as if she was eager or excited to keep the kitten that she had become too attached too, and told us that she would send the money back ASAP. We hadn't heard anything for a week so we contacted her again to ask when she would send the money. She told us it would be sent by the end of that week (middle-end October) and we left it at that. Three weeks went by and still no money. We contacted her again, no reply. November came and still no reply. We made calls and she never answered. As the Christmas season approached, we really needed that money, and we were scammed out of our money. To this day, we haven't heard back from her! We bought all the supplies that the kitten would have needed. It's ridiculous for her to take our money and keep pushing back the pickup date because of her attachment to her. By 16 weeks old, the kitten was already used to her family and it would have been a hard adjustment for her. Like I said in the beginning, never buy a kitten from this woman! She's a SCAM. Please be careful as you look for your future pet. People like her are all over and unfortunately, they are unavoidable. Be cautious where you send your money!

Melinda, if you have read this: we have all the text messages from you telling us when you were going to send the money. We warned you numerous times about this and you chose to ignore us!! Sorry it had to come to this, but you clearly run a poor business, and it shows!

Offender: Melinda Cruz-Rios
Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   City: Worcester

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