Diane Varni
Diane Varni, Orecatay Cattery, Unhealthy Balinese and Siamese

She sells kittens with FIP, pretends she is clueless and has no idea about it/that she has NEVER sold a cat with FIP before...
Many complaints about her online, but posting on Complaints Board to broaden the field. Want to warn other consumers so they do not go through the heartbreak. For those who do not know what FIP is, it is an autoimmune disease (parallel to the human version of AIDs) brought on my genetics and/or unhygienic conditions. FIP is a death sentence; cats with FIP die.

Buyers BEWARE.
She will not return a dime for her FIP kittens.

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Complaints consist of: multiple counts of FIP, corona virus, ear polyps, and fleas.


DO NOT BUY from this woman, if you want a decent chance/likelihood of a normal kitten, life expectancy, and vet bill expectancy.

In general, beware of breeders who RELY on cat breeding to pay their bills/general life needs. According to her, she is one of them who lives paycheck to paycheck and doesn't have extra cash to just "give refunds."


Just ask yourself: How are kittens and cats with health problems/extra help needed supposed to GET help when there's no extra cash to go to the vet?

Just think about this: Why is it that no major (or many breeders at all, really) carry the ORECATAY breeding line (I can only think of 2)? Look at the most famous breeders in the Siamese/Balinese industry; do they carry her line? Breeders breed for quality and health, I can attest that her cats seriously lack the latter. Not a breeder, so don't know how to judge for quality measuring up to the breed-standard.

Just think. Good day:) Hope I saved some the heartache, as that was my intention. I don't want anyone to go through what many families already have.

COMPLAINTS from sites above listed:

• She asked me for a deposit because I wanted a female Balinese cat. I gave her $300 after two months she said that she oops! discovered that the female was a male. She did not return the money and she gave me many different excuses for her bad actions."Your cat died", "I need to pay the electric bill", "My teeth hurts" . I have all her emails and I have proof of everything. She appears recommended in the CFA web page under the name of ORECATAY.
http://www.orecatay.com/info.html this is th epage where I found her. I have proof of her actions.
Posted 2 years ago
• I have the problem with diane varni.WE gave her 700$ for 1 cat and deposit for another.
The first cat had the corona virus .she had seizures we had to put her down.
The next had ear pollips, we had to take it back.now she says that she doesnt have the money to give us back, and she also says she doesnt have any kittens...
Posted 2 years agoReport
• Diane Varni sold me a cat after two years of waiting for one. The cat was crawling with fleas and I even confronted the vet that cleared the cat for shipping. I used the cat for one litter and then sold the cat to a breeder friend in Wisconsin. The cat died of FIP. Two of the kittens that I sold from my breeding, died of FIP. The breeder in Wisconsin has a pregnant cat and she is scared to death. I have contacted Diane on many occasions and she has not responded. I have to replace the kittens that I sold and Diane shares no responsibility for selling a cat crawling with fleas and FIP.
Posted 7 months agoReport
• Diane Varani sold me a kitten back in October 2010. I called before going to pick it up and everything was okay and ready. When I got there she said it had a minor cold and gave me some doxycyclene. From there started my hell. The kitten was sick with FIP which infested my 3 year old siamese. Working with my vet we tried to save the kitten but it ended up having to be put to sleep. Diane admitted selling me a sick kitten and promised to repay the purchase price. 15 months later I have not seen a penny. She's always short of money etc., all kinds of excuses.
Posted 7 months agoReport
• I think she has 25 cats or more. How can she be short of money? She has so many cats she does not even the sire and dam of the litter for sure.
Posted 6 months agoReport
• We're devastated to find out this morning that our 6 month old, adopted from Diane, has all the symptoms of FIP. Do not adopt from her.
Posted 5 months agoReport
• Diane Varni from Orecatay, located in Oregon. She says she is a breeder and she appears in the CFA web page. she ask you for money in order for you to buy a cat from her, and after 2 months she invents excuses to give you nothing. Then she dissappears. I have proof of everything.
Posted 2 years agoReport

Offender: Diane Varni
Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Drain
Site: http://www.orecatay.com/

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