Amy Wescott
sick ragdoll cats!


I am writing this complaint as I have purchased a sick kitten that I had to put down cause of FIP that I had bought from Amy a few months ago.I had contacted her after bringing the kitten to my vet and had told her of their concerns.She did not want to talk to me and hung up the phone.I tried numerous times to call her back but she would not answer my calls.

Her house smells of cat urine and her kittens are caged.I saw one of her young daughters hitting a kitten with a doll of hers and the kitten screaming.I wanted so badly to just take that kitten in my arms, but Amy said, oh, she's just playing with it!

I also saw kittens sneezing and some had diarehha on their butts and I qustioned Amy and she said, oh, its the change of their food which isd causing their loose stools and different cat litter that is causing them to sneeze.

I should of used my better judgement before buying my SICK kitten from her but I just flet like I needed to save atleast one kitten from the disgust and torture of her house and so I did but now I sit here with no kitten and a breeder who does not care.

So please buyers please do not make the same mistake as I did.

It's so hard to loose a baby that you loved so much.

Do your home-work on a breeder before buying an animal as I have learned a hard lesson and don't want another person to go through what I just went through!

Offender: Amy Wescott
Country: USA   State: Maine   City: Saco

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