Southside Dogs
Frank Popolizio

My wife and I have had our Male Vizsla puppy for almost a year now that we received from Southside Dogs/Frank Popolizio. While we are extremely happy with our dog and love him, we were not exactly impressed with Franks demeanor and service. When we first e-mailed Frank we told him we wanted an 8 week old male Vizsla, and he replied saying that he would have a litter soon that we could have a puppy from. He bragged on an on about his facility, how clean it was and how his dogs are only the best. He sounded like he was trying to sell us a pitch like a salesman. So anyway, We sent our deposit and everything was fine. We decided we wanted to go to his facility and see "how clean it was". It was about a 5 hour drive and we ended up hitting a pretty bad storm. We informed Frank that we were coming a week ahead of time and even called that day to make sure everything was okay. He had no idea who we were when we called and acted like it was a huge inconvenience. When we arrived you can see that this place is a puppy mill, albeit a nice one, but still, at least 40 cages under a roof with a dog in each one. Even when we got there he wasn't even there and we waited in the smelly, freezing cold, little entrance for about an hour waiting for him to come. VERY VERY weird. When Frank got there, again, it was like he was a salesman, he asked us several times for a deposit and we had to remind him that we had already given on for an 8 WEEK OLD male puppy. We told him we wanted to see the facility and also the mother of the litter which he wouldn't allow because of the cold weather?? BS. At that point they brought out a 13 week old male and tried to get us to purchase this puppy and we again had to remind him that we wanted a male puppy from the new litter, he finally and reluctantly had one of his workers go and and get one for us so that we could see him. That lasted for about 30 seconds. We left feeling very unsatisfied and drove the 5 hours back home. The weeks passed and when we arrived to "select" our puppy, and I say select because he has you fill out a form so that you can be "matched" to your puppy. Don't be fooled, there will not be several puppies to interact with and then you pick one. There will be one puppy brought out and that's what you're given. We were still not allowed to see where the puppies were kept. I guess you can say we've had a relatively good experience with Frank. We love our dog, he's great, he's had some small health problems due to allergies but nothing that we blame on Franks breeding. Hopefully this will help people who want to deal with him in the future. Good product (if you get it) but horrible Customer Service, good luck!

Offender: Southside Dogs
Country: USA   State: New York

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