Aimee Cakebread Cakebread Cockers Aj's Kennels
Aimee Cakebread scam and con artist

Aimee Cakebread a long time cocker spaniel breeder allegedly committed fraud on or about Aug 20, 2019, when she purchased two cocker spaniels from a show breeder in Georgia using a fake name. Aimee Cakebread presented herself as Jaime Goodier in all communications with the show breeder and signed paperwork using the fake name Jaime Goodier. She returned home to Iowa with the two dogs and then bragged about how she had tricked the show breeder to a friend. The friend communicated the alleged fraud to one of the dog's original breeder. This breeder posted text messages from Aimee's friend about the transaction as well as photo's of the two dogs on Facebook on Aug 28. The breeder asked for help from the Facebook community to get the dogs returned. As a result of social media pressure (the original post was shared many times) Aimee agreed to return the two dogs to the show breeder. On Sept 1, 2019 photos were posted showing the dogs on their way back home to Georgia.

Aimee harassed another person on Facebook by texting (as Jaimee Goodier) and threatening this person. Aimee threatened this person with police action if the person did not remove the post about the alleged fraud from Facebook. The person declined to remove the post. The post is still active on Facebook, search for Aimee Cakebread or Jaime Goodier to read if for yourself.

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She was recently reported to Iowa Dept of Agriculture for running an unlicensed commercial breeding facility. The Dept of Ag conducted an investigation and required her to license the facility and vaccinate her dogs for rabies. She was also reported to the Plymouth County Zoning Commission for running a commercial breeding facility without a Conditional Use Permit. On 10-29-19 she was granted the use permit by the county.

Offender: Aimee Cakebread Cakebread Cockers Aj's Kennels
Country: USA   State: Iowa   County: Plymouth   City: Le Mars

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