Cakebread Cockers - Aimee Cakebread
Beware of Scam artist and thief - Cakebread Cockers

12/16/2016 Aimee Cakebread from Cakebread Cockers contacted me to purchase a puppy that she was expecting to breed the end of Dec. I was looking for a chocolate Merle male. I wanted to have the puppy by summer for potty training reasons as fall and winter in Wisconsin cannot be great for this reason. I posted this on sites looking for cocker spaniel puppies. She saw my post and contacted me off of this post. She offered me 2nd pick of the litter if I put money down to hold the puppy. (Right up front I did not sign any contract) As it was the week of Christmas she asked if I could put the $1000.00 nonrefundable puppy deposit down. I read through all her contracts regarding the puppies. I agreed to it as I assumed I would get a puppy or be refunded if no puppy was available for me to purchase. She breed them on 12/19/2016. She called me that day to talk over things. (I don’t have actual evidence of this conversation so I won’t say what was all said) I waited 9 weeks. No choc merle male available. One merle girl that I asked about as I had 2nd pick and the 1st pick went to a male parti. She said I couldn’t take her as someone had money down on a merle female. FIRST time she lied and cheated me. She again called me as she wanted to discuss other options. She mentioned she has another one preg. and was waiting for Ginger to be breed as she expected her to come into heat with the other girls. I waited another 4 weeks. She told me she breed her the middle of March. On April 25, 2017 I contacted her checking to see if she was preg. She never kept me updated. She told me she didn’t take and that she had again gone into heat and breed her to Bo again. I found out by her website that again she lied to me on the 25th as she had not yet breed her. At this point I didn’t want to wait another 4-5 weeks just to find out if she was preg and then another 5 more to find out we didn’t have a choc merle male. I asked if I could have a refund. I told her since I know this was an inconvenience that if she wanted to keep $200 and refund the $800. I know I didn’t waste any of her time or money as there was never a puppy that I chose to keep. She refused. I gave her more time to think about it and did discuss things with my lawyer. I again gave her time to think about it…she responded extremely nasty as she was having medical issues. (None of which I knew about). I told her to take care of herself first and we would talk later. I followed up a week later asking if she would consider a compromise. She had a puppy from the first litter still there that was almost 12 weeks old. I offered her $200 more for him as it is not what I wanted and flights have now doubled since the last time. I only offered this thinking that it would not waste my money or time. She refused again and was extremely nasty. At this point I have no interest in giving her any more money. I have contacted the Federal trade commission and my lawyer. If anyone wants a dog from her let me know as you can have my $1000 deposit that I will lose at the end of the year since it is nonrefundable and only lasts a year!!! Such BS. I will be posting this everywhere as she is obviously a SCAM and only in it for the money!

Offender: Cakebread Cockers - Aimee Cakebread
Country: USA   State: All USA   City: El Mirage

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