uses multiple names
Slow Loris

do not trust person uses this email to sell exotic animals and other animal/birds as pets. He or she uses different names and different international locations. I got scammed for SLOW LORIS that presumedly should have been shipped form Kuwait. The name of the seller presumedly was ABDULLAH EAE ALTURKAIT though in his/her email Mohamed was the name used. I was asked to send half of the money by moneygram but when I tried to do it on line they refused to in order to protect me. I contacted the seller by email explaining the situation. He/she then said that it was some kind of mistake, that he/she believes in Allah and would never scam anyone. He/she asked me to go through the local moneygram office and send the money this way. I foolishly did on 1/27/15. As soon as the money was transferred I started to receive emails describing changed vet charges that are way more than seller had anticipated and changes in local laws that for some reason he /she did no know about. The seller was asking to send more money. I did not. Multiple emails came begging for more money , every time for different amounts with different stories of different problems seller presumedly had.
Today is 3/24/2015. No pet shipped, no money returned. STAY AWAY FORM WHO EVER ADVERTISES UNDER that sometimes marked as "DEAN DEAN"

Offender: uses multiple names
Country: Kewait   State: All USA   County: Kewait

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