Petsmart Grooming
Petsmart Caused Hematoma & Severe Razor Burn

I've recently taken my dog to his usual visit for grooming with my local Petsmart. Everything started out normally. They evaluated him and told us what they planned to do. My dog was supposed to be receiving a trim and a nice bathing. About an hour after I left I received a phone call from the groomer stating that my dog wasn't sitting still and kept shaking his ears which had led to a small hematoma that was slightly bleeding. Now when she called she blamed my dog the entire time and never once took responsibility for her part in it. She assured me that he was still wagging his tail but she could take him to the store vet if I liked. I basically told her if he appeared in good spirits then continue the grooming, but he's under stress then please have him looked over. Another 2 and half hours later and my fiancé finally brings my boy home to me. I did notice the hematoma, which was much larger than I had been told..but I also noticed that she'd shaved him....which wasn't what we had discussed. Not only had she shaved him but she had shaved him to closely and he had received several spots of razor burn. Mainly in his groin area. My poor dog has been absolutely miserable since his grooming and I've had to stay up nights treating his burns and keeping him comfortable. I've never had such a horrible reaction to a visit to the groomer and though I've had good visits..I feel Petsmart should be training their groomers or watching them a bit closer. I won't be allowing this particular girl to touch my dog ever again and I do plan to call in and complain so they're aware of the damage the grooming has caused.

Offender: Petsmart Grooming
Country: USA   State: All USA

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