Exotic Dit-Dots
Dishonest Breede

My friends and family watched YouTube’s of the male kitten we contracted for, for 9 weeks as it was growing up. I have: (1) A contract for a male kitten; (2) A bill of sale for a male kitten ($1,200); (3) A veterinarian statement identifying a male kitten; and (4) A CFA Registration paper for a male kitten. Imagine my shock when after receiving delivery and taking the kitten to my veterinarian, that the kitten was a “female”. My family already bonded and loves this kitten, and would not understand just "trading it in", like a used car, for another one, which is the solution this breeder offered. Why would I trust that the same thing would not happen again! Do not believe the statement on Exotic Dit-Dots website that the kitten’s sex is veterinarian checked, because I have proof that it is not. The only other issue would be that neither this breeder, nor her supposed “veterinarian” knows how to tell the difference between a male and female. They had 9 weeks to figure it out. You have a 50/50 chance of receiving what you pay your hard earned money for. Do not trust this breeder as she found this situation very funny. I do not find this funny and neither does the CFA. Take your business elsewhere.

Offender: Exotic Dit-Dots
Country: USA   State: All USA

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