Amazon Animal Hospital
Bad Experience

I took my dog to this horrible place because he had an injured ear. A few days before I took him my 3 year old daughter was playing with the dog and decided to put a tiny rubber band on the tip of his ear since he has long hair. She was acting like he was a babie doll. I had not idea she had done this until a day or two later. I had a talk with my daughter and told her never to put anything on the dogs ear because it can hurt him. She was crying and felt bad about it. Our dog was fine until I was petting him and noticed the tip of his right ear was hard. It appears the rubber band had cut off the circulation to the tip of his right ear. My kids and I took him to Amazon Animal hospital on 6/12/08 to have him checked out and see what they can do for him. Sergio Carvajal, Medical Director cane in the room with an assistant and said they are taking my dog for a minute. When they returned to the room with my dog his right ear was shaved and the tip of his ear ripped half way off. I was so upset because I never gave them authorization to do that to him. Sergio Carvajal said 'He is going to need surgery' I asked him how much is everything going to cost? Sergio Carvajal said he will tell Juan Carvajal to give me an estimate and leave the room. Then Juan Carvajal come in the room and says it will cost $347.80 for the sergury plus $46.80 for the office visit. I told him I am a single parent and can not afford it. He said 'Okay then we can't do anything for him' with no remorse. He then charged me the $46.80 office visit and said 'you guys can leave now' my kids were crying because Juan Carvajal or Sergio Carvajal didn't offer any kind of help or advise for our dog. They did not care that our dog was bleeding & did not offer gaze or ointment. The next day 6/13/08 I called them spoke to ( Marka Finn, Receptionist )to let them know how disappointed I am about they way they treated my dog and that I will be calling (8 on your side) so that everyone will know that they only care about money not animals. A few minutes later Juan Carvajal called me being extremly rude and said 'If you repot us to 8 on your side I am going to call Animal service on you' I told him to do what he wants. He said ' There is nothing we can do if you don't have money' I was shocked he said that to m . I disconnected the call. On 6/16/08 I received a note on my door from Animal service stating there is a complaint of Animal cruelty from Amazon Animal Hospital. I called and they told me all the lies Juan Carvajal had told them. Everything was completely made up. I told Animal Service Juan Carvajal had threatend me to call them if I report them to 8 on your side. I informed them they are welcome to come see my dog anytime. Juan Carvajal place a false report against me. Please do not take your pets to Amazon Animal Hospital on Clearwater FL they don't care about Animal!

Offender: Amazon Animal Hospital
Country: USA   State: All USA

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