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Yes I am a conscientious breeder who does all testing and have been producing quality puppies for over 15 years. I placed a puppy for sale using this website. They proudly announced that they had sold the puppy only if I could ship it to Puerto Rico. They informed me that the veterinary certificate cost would be reimbursed, crate purchase would be reimbursed and the cost of the flight would be reimbursed. This puppy would need to be shipped on a Monday and the veterinary visit should occur 48-72 hours prior to shipping. They promised to pay 24-48 hours prior to the puppy being shipped. Here is where the lies begin! I took the puppy to the vet on Saturday before being shipped on Monday. My vet visit cost me $214.00 because the puppy was being shipped internationally. I had my vet fax the report, I called the referral service to confirm that they had received the report, I received a confirmation email at 12:48 on Saturday that they had the report. I called the company and they informed me that the money transfer would occur immediately. I called back later on Saturday evening because the cost that I had incurred was substantially more than they were allowing. They then informed me that they would not transfer the money into paypal until after they talked to my vet which conveniently was after the time that the puppy was to be shipped. They wanted me to ship my puppy without money. I may do foolish things but I was not born yesterday. So now I have a puppy that I have missed the prime selling time, I have turned down buyers, I have spent a lot of time and money preparing to ship this puppy and Purebred Breeders (referral service) because I am the Purebred Breeder will do nothing because "Management" doesn't work on the weekends. I really believe this is a scam and I warn any breeder to beware of this service. To top it off they were charging this individual $2895.00 for this puppy, giving me $1925.00 and I was doing all of the work, giving a one year guarantee.

Offender: Purebred Breeders.com
Country: USA   State: All USA

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