PetSmart, Inc.
ude so-called manager - Pet tags inconveniently placed in checkout aisle

I was looking at the engraveable pet tags that were inconveniently placed in a checkout aisle, which was empty at the time. A PetSmart employee came up and said "I need the aisle." She didn't say, "excuse me ma'am, we need to open this aisle because the line is getting long etc etc" which I would have understood and been fine with. Just: "I need the aisle, you need to move or check out." I said "I'm not ready, I am looking at these tags - why, is there someone behind me?" There were two people in line in fact. She repeated, "I need the aisle." "I" need, not "we" need. So I just grabbed a tag and said "fine I will check out." Then because she was really rude, I said "you might want to put the pet tags in another place so customers can look at them without getting kicked out of the aisle." She said nothing. This was really infuriating, the silent treatment from a store employee, as if I had done something wrong by looking at the merchandise! So I said "you don't care, do you? Who is your manager?" and she said SHE was the manager! I said "that's just great, you're the manager and you don't care." Then a male employee came up and asked if there was a problem and I looked at him, wondering why he was intervening - her boyfriend? Was I being the scary customer? and I said "Yes, there is! I can't even look at the merchandise without getting kicked out of the aisle and she doesn't care at all!" Then I just finished my transaction and got out of there. I had the tag engraved and just did not look around me while doing that.

When I first went in there, I was in a great mood and PetSmart just brought me right down. Someone like that person should not be a manager for sure. And I spend a fortune in there every month. I usually shop in the mornings, so I have never run into these people before. I should spend that fortune online at PetSmart competitors from now on. That was a terrible experience.

Offender: PetSmart, Inc.
Country: USA   State: All USA

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