Matt Miller Full time Breeder, Part time SCAMMER!!!

Matthew Miller of has been breeding Parrotlets for 10 years, adopting out birds to some (making satisfied customers, to seem legit) while exploiting his "Non Refundable" $25 Deposit Scams to other hopeful out-of-state adopters. He sends pictures of a Parrotlet and promises a great pet at an affordable price with added discounts, to get your depo$it. Sounds so fantastic until you hear his excuses for where your pet is week after month, stringing you along. He ignores emails, texts, and phone calls only to occasionally reply making you think you will finally get your pet, when something else happens and you dont get it yet again. He even gives you the flight number for your shipment, and what time it will arrive. You get to the airport, wait around only to find out "the airway bill was never tendered" and Matt never dropped the bird off. You call wondering if he's okay, what happened? No reply, until its conveniently been "past the 60 days hisCredit Card Company allows him for refunds."Matt leads people on long enough to scam them for $25, which seems small enough to just forget~ but think about ALL the people being Scammed over the years and how that add$ up for this crook! Please AVOID ParrotletBirds at all costs! BE AWARE, there are numerous business transgressions against Matt Miller's malpractice.

Offender: Matt Miller
Country: USA   State: Texas   County: usa

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