Direct Tv's box cheaply made for a scam

I recently had my service interuppted cause of none payment now I just paid the 220.00$ I had paid to get my services turned back on.. but the 2nd dvr box will not connect so I called technical help they said the box is defective, and a service guy has to come out and fix it so I have to wait 48hrs in order to watch tv..He also said if I didnt have the protection plan its 49.00$. Now I asked the rep how many Direct Tv customers do you have and he said 30million. Now my complaint is that Direct tv products are cheaply made so that the technition guy has to come out and fix it. Bam 49.00$ fee..if you dont have a protection plan. I feel that your company is ripping people off if they dont have the protection plan, and your products are cheaply made so that you guys can rip people off. I only had my box for 5 months and its already defective..You guys are ripping your customers off by the cheaply made box and I feel that this country (USA) needs to know what you guys have under your sleeve. your scamming your customers.

Offender: DIRECTV
Country: USA   State: All USA

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