Newport is a kind of man cool

The existence of the Newport cigarettes is a cool?newport cigarettesYes, of course, anything with a unique personality, to express themselves can be cool.Cool does not mean that the rough, however, is not the same as no scruples.Newport cigarettes smoking as well.
For Newport cigarettes, some people think that the appearance of the classic cigar is this: take out a large Newport cigarettes and bit off the tail, "poof" spit out bite of smoke, a spit to bite open parts planetesimals, Newport cigarettes in his mouth.Then "thunk", open the ZIPPO lighters, down on the jeans, lighters, fierce poisoning on a few mouth, neatly fold lighter at the same time.No, it isn't, not like that. It is also not into the cowboys of the west in modern society to be dry.Now it is covered in tattoos, riding a Harley motorcycle parties with Newport cigarettes scissors and spray gun lighters. Track may also be elegant
Newport cigarettes is a gentleman's cool, extraction method is correct, take out a good Newport cigarettes in the humidor, with exquisite Newport cigarettes scissors or packs of Newport cigarettes at the end of the cigarettes pliers will skin cut out.Don't cut into the neck cut, it would then be easier to absorb large Newport cigarettes air leakage, cut a diameter equal to the best Newport cigarettes bar three-quarters of the size of the round hole diameter, cut down just a little smoke skin and not cut to the core.
Don't constantly blowing smoke, the Newport cigar smoke inhaled, can let the flue gas in the mouth, can feel the Newport cigarettes full-bodied taste, how much, how long stay everyone may be different.The way I prefer smoking Newport cigarettes is sip suck, every few seconds, and Newport cigarettes suction mouth to stay in the palate, after taste, let smoke surrounded by you, this is a kind of enjoyment.Marlboro Gold Cigarettes

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