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Good Luck Charlie

I'm very very dissapointed that you have exposed children to such a conterversial issue.if you have a stance on gay rights discuss it in an adult setting in which will be published in adult media amongst adults who comprehend and know the issue at hand . Do not force parents to discuss the semantics of these issues with thier far to young children. Let the kids be kids and exist in a world where they are untouched by either biased opinions and issues of such magnitude amonst our nation . If this episode is not pilled or re done I'm sad to say because I grew up with disney without disney exposing me to conterversial issues that my kids will no longer be supporting disney watching disney buying disney . And when I am asked why I rather explain how intollerant your bieng and undermining to other parents on the opposing side out there or how they've gone to far with an issue you children just won't understand till your older than explain to themwhy tyler has to moms . Hell even if it was two orangantangs I'd still have to explain that to them. No matter the issue its not right to force into every americans home. Its our right as americans and as parents to choose what is ok and what is expressed and showed to our kids. And if you take the approach if you don't like it don't watch it . What about kids who love the show and now thier parent must in turn be bad people and not let then watch i. You Ve caused more damamge than good . Let the lesbian and gay community have thier rights just let me choose when I decide my kids are ready to know and can understand what that means and how its an accomplishment in civil rights. And ill tell you that isn't up to disney or the gay community and it damn sure isnr when they are young and enjoying a tv program .

Offender: Disney Channel
Country: USA   State: All USA

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