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These worthless trash idiots say they have an ad agency and offer to advertize on billboards, etc. Upon visiting their office it was evident that they did not in fact know what an ad agency does nor did they have anything that resembles an ad agency. None of their staff could answer basic questions about design, marketing or strategy that would be an absolute prerequisite for anyone to claim they do advertising.

I looked into people who have done business with them and found that they had nothing but problems & run-around from these idiots. So disgusted that I decided to do some extra research and found that they are not a legitimate company at all. Simply put, they have changed their company name over 5 times in the last 7 years and are more than obviously trying to evade taxes, etc, and probably hordes of angry disgusted customers.

Oh, also when I was visiting, I asked to take a look at the equipment and software they used... they were very nervous first off but I took the liberty of walking up to one of their computers anyway (told them, if they want business at all they should have nothing to hide or be afraid of... or else) immediately once I opened the adobe software I could see that it was not legally licensed and that they had multiple hacked versions of adobe suite. In other words, they're fraudulent all the way to the last and smallest thing you can find.

Credentialy the losers that pretend to run this fake company have shady and major failure backgrounds at everything they did prior to this (Inappropriate Content Removed) scam company. So,... full of (Inappropriate Content Removed) company trying to scam. Don't trust them or anyone that has anything to do with them!! Typical Phoenix zero talent losers pretending they have a business. They wouldn't last three seconds in any city worth a (Inappropriate Content Removed) (Phoenix is definitely not, since companies like this restart their scams over and over without justice). Interestingly they also claim that they do business in California, but I know for a fact they have nothing there at all... lies!

Offender: Owens Harkey Advertising Arizona
Country: USA   State: All USA

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