Safeway Hermiston OR
Why DARCY is the hiring manager?&Lazy Head office of SAFEWAY

I wrote a comment on this same web site( 2 more weeks sent an email back saying that you would respond back, but I haven't heard back this makes me question your motives on how to take care of this situation?

I have repeatedly attempted to contact the Safeway in Hermiston Oregon Hiring Manager and feel as though each time I show up I am being blown off by either the hiring manager or the staff. I have tried to catch the manager it place of business and every time I ask the manager has stepped out for the day I've shown up during a day shift and during a swing shift and was told on both accounts that She just left so I called during a grave shift hoping to contact her and was still told She won't be in till morning I'm just trying to get a job at Safeway and am feeling disappointed with costumer care as well as costumer service.

The hiring manager Darcy texted me on 10/27.I know why She did.Because my husband asked the guy at safeway what the number of the human resources department on 10/25.

I fallowed up and called the hiring manager she informed me that she had filled the position. Then she tried to pawn a job at Panda express that being an asian restaurant I felt that this was a form of racial profiling.

I decided to inform how much safeway is irresponsibility company.

Offender: Safeway Hermiston OR
Country: USA   State: All USA

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