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Bunch of lies

Seriously, who reads from your website? I didn%u2019t even know how I got here, I remember researching for environmental issues then poof I%u2019m here and I am very disappointed but I continued anyway just so I have reasons to write you a review. People deserve to know that they are entering a nonsense zone. Oh well since I am here, let me give you some important lessons though I am no expert but I feel like I am a genius compare to you.

%u201CWelcome to The CROWN where global issues are extensively discussed and fiercely debated for both sides of the argument %u2013 by one person.%u201D Now I can see the problem, %u201Cby one person%u201D, clearly dude you need help!

%u201CNolan is a great enthusiast of international relations, rooting from his extensive exposure in global journalism. He believes that instead of the limited context, and sometimes just plain hostile views presented by the popular news providers, it is important to understand the underlying management issues by knowing the whole story or presenting both sides of the story.%u201D Oh seriously again Mr. Nolan, really?? This is hard to believe because it seems like an amateur made this all thing up and posted it on the internet. What extensive journalism are you talking about? You sir, you do not deserve to be called as journalist and oh an enthusiast, of what please enlighten me. I just couldn%u2019t agree on everything that you claim. He believes in what?? I think you should walk your talk. I can%u2019t see all of these in your website. Clearly you are misleading us.

You are claiming that you are a journalist and that everything here is from you but if you are saying that you are you should know that plagiarism is a crime, and libel as well. You are fooling on your readers.

I doubt if that back story is even true. Your articles say so.

%u201CHis inclination in sharing his insights and analysis of global concerns is what strongly motivated him in creating The CROWN %u2013 aside from the fact that he wants to correct the misrepresentation and bias done by mainstream media on a regular basis.%u201D

This is quite impressive for naïve or gullible people who will believe at everything at once but for a skeptic like me I will find this hard to believe as soon as i read the content of the website and then it happens. I read some and got very disappointed. I hope people will find time reading this so they won%u2019t waste their time on this website.

>>> SCAM

Offender: The crown capital management international relations
Country: USA   State: All USA

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