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  • Date: 05.11.2013
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William Johnson

IM Apr 25, 2013 9:53:55 PM

9:39:25 PM fireleo79: Hey, how's it going? My name is Dan. I am very interested in getting to know you.

9:40:15 PM littleme317: I am William Johnson

9:40:52 PM littleme317: I am so glad to hear from you

9:41:05 PM fireleo79: You're very very cute. I'm glad you wanted to hear from me.

9:42:24 PM littleme317: How long ago have u joined a4a

9:43:09 PM fireleo79: About a two ago. Just looking for the right guy. I'm not into hook ups. I just am looking to spend my life with that special someone.

9:43:30 PM fireleo79: Two weeks ago

9:43:50 PM littleme317: Im single and I am looking for a caring Man who is monogamy, someone romantic, sincere humble, kindhearted and understanding. I want a man who values trust and respect with a good sense of humour

9:44:15 PM littleme317: Trust really matters to me in a relationship and To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another.. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this

9:44:26 PM fireleo79: That is exactly what I am looking for. I am a hopeless romantic.

9:44:44 PM fireleo79: If there is no trust in a relationship, then there is no reationship

9:46:22 PM littleme317: I give 100% to my relationships, and expect at least 100% back,My heart is huge, full of treasures waiting to be explored. I am a huge romantic, passioante about the things I enjoy , a person who enjoys the company of others but more especially likes the quiet times at home with someone special

9:47:24 PM fireleo79: Where have you been all of my life. I've always had vad luck in ths Always some type of head gamaes or can't commit or isn't interested.

9:47:48 PM littleme317: Head games how

9:48:44 PM fireleo79: Men who play hard to get. It's rediculous. Why can't you just say how you eel. Getting a guy to say how they feel was like pulling teeth

9:49:41 PM littleme317: How old are u and where do u live ?

9:50:11 PM fireleo79: I'm 33 and live in Woodbury, NJ. I saw you live in Central Jersey. The distance doesn't bother me.

9:50:15 PM littleme317: I am 29 and live in Madison Park

9:50:27 PM littleme317: Okay

9:50:29 PM littleme317: Me tooo

9:50:47 PM fireleo79: What made you message me?

9:50:53 PM littleme317: Do u live alone

9:51:14 PM littleme317: I do live alone in my late parents home which was left behind for me after they passed away and im the only child and no family and often times felt so lonely and need real man for me

9:51:29 PM littleme317: U are the first contact im meeting online all my life

9:51:30 PM fireleo79: With a straight roommate who I have lived with the last seven years. He's cool about my sexuality and we're very close friends.

9:51:41 PM littleme317: I have never met or spoke to anyone online

9:52:37 PM fireleo79: I am so sorry for what happened. Wow. You must have been devastated. I would love to get to know you.

9:52:54 PM littleme317: What kind of work do u do

9:53:48 PM fireleo79: I work as a case manager in our Intake Department for a social services agency. I also go to school full-time online at the University of Phoenix. I'm going for computer programming.

9:53:55 PM littleme317: I am a construction, remnodel houses, and I also work with corporate and incentive groups in travel, have been for about 4 yrs. Love my job, love the variety of it....I travel alot and thats the nature of my u like traveling?

IM Apr 25, 2013 10:10:49 PM

9:54:00 PM littleme317: Okay

9:54:08 PM fireleo79: I love traveing.

9:54:22 PM fireleo79: Were you able to see my pictures on my profile?

9:55:01 PM littleme317: Can i ask you a qestion

9:55:07 PM fireleo79: sure you can

9:55:22 PM littleme317: What's your idea of a great date??

9:57:31 PM littleme317: You cute and handsome

9:58:10 PM littleme317: I love spending quiet times with my date-- discovering more and more about the wonders that have made him who he is toxploring what he wants tomorrow. And savoring the man he is today. And it's about creating our own passion together -- our own dreams and our own goals and our own wants. It's about doing the little things for the other that show him just how much you really care and doing those little things each and every day forvere

9:59:19 PM fireleo79: I couldn't agree more. I prefer meeting at a more private location so there isn't too many crowds where we would have to shout.

9:59:38 PM littleme317: Do you smoke and drink and what do you like to do as fun?

9:59:41 PM fireleo79: Thank you for saying I'm cute. You're cute as well.

9:59:52 PM littleme317: U welcome

10:00:32 PM fireleo79: Yes I do smoke. I drink occasionally. I like to camp, ski, hike, travel, be in nature, love the mountains and the beach.

10:00:42 PM fireleo79: I hope my smoking doesn't turn you away.

10:02:00 PM fireleo79: If it does, I can quit

10:03:31 PM littleme317: I love to be outside, gardening , or playing in the yard with flowers, movies, beach, music , shopping, reading , love to golf

10:03:43 PM fireleo79: I drink socially and that's about a glass of wine or a coupe of beers and that's it.

10:03:44 PM littleme317: I enjoy reading when I have time. I like going to church, but don't get there like I should. I enjoy trying new things, at least anything once.

10:04:13 PM littleme317: I Dont Smoke Or Drink , I am clean and diease free , U clean? I don't really like going to clubs... but do like going out to smaller towns with bands playing, enjoy dancing. Though it doesn't happen real often. I can be a home body at times.

10:05:22 PM fireleo79: I am disease free, I'm tired of clubs. I am a homebody as well. Does my smoking really turn you off? You can be honest with me.

10:05:33 PM littleme317: Whats your email address? I want to write you an email and tell you really more about myself?

10:05:45 PM fireleo79: [email protected]

10:07:13 PM littleme317: I am looking forward to meeting you, and i don't know why i am so excited and we're having our first conversation

10:07:49 PM littleme317: I needs to go back to work now...Talk to you later ...Stay Blessed Hugs and Kisses

10:08:16 PM fireleo79: I'm just as excited. I would love to talk later.

10:10:49 PM fireleo79: Feel free to text me at 609-468-6221 if you would like.

IM Apr 26, 2013 7:20:32 AM

7:12:20 AM fireleo79: Good morning!

7:14:27 AM fireleo79: How are you?

7:15:07 AM littleme317: Morning dear

7:15:14 AM littleme317: I am fine and doing great getting ready for work

7:15:17 AM littleme317: How was ur night

7:15:18 AM littleme317: ?

7:15:27 AM fireleo79: Getting ready for work too.

7:16:38 AM fireleo79: I just ask you something. You are a perfect looking guy. You can have anyone you want. What makes you interested in me?

7:17:26 AM fireleo79: My night was good. I slept wel.

7:17:51 AM littleme317: I am not looking for everyone none anyone

7:18:08 AM littleme317: I found the right person in you because you are not looking for just sex or hookups

7:18:45 AM fireleo79: I'm very flattered? Did you see my number? Feel free to text me anytiime and when would you like to meet?

7:20:13 AM littleme317: Okay

7:20:20 AM littleme317: I am off for work

7:20:22 AM littleme317: ttyl

7:20:32 AM fireleo79: have a nice day.

IM Apr 26, 2013 6:38:23 PM

6:30:08 PM fireleo79: Hi William, how are you?

6:30:20 PM littleme317: Hello Daniel

6:30:33 PM littleme317: I am fine and doing great at work

6:30:36 PM littleme317: What about u

6:31:07 PM fireleo79: Finishing up school work for the week and happy that the weekend is here.

6:31:39 PM fireleo79: I got your email, did you see my responses?

6:35:19 PM littleme317: Yes dear and I did reply back babe

6:35:25 PM littleme317: I felt so Happy to hear from you

6:35:35 PM littleme317: I Enjoy your respound babe

6:36:40 PM fireleo79: Awww. I love being called babe. When can I meet you? I woud really like that.

6:37:02 PM littleme317: Me tooo babe

6:37:22 PM littleme317: Im going to talk to you once im off work by 11pm

6:37:24 PM littleme317: brb

6:37:42 PM fireleo79: Ok.

6:38:23 PM fireleo79: I'll be happily waiting.

IM Apr 27, 2013 2:10:43 AM

2:09:14 AM littleme317: I Cant stop thinking about you and I really Wish we re together now Holding you so tight Kissing and sitting next to you I enjoy nature and like to camp

2:09:52 AM littleme317: Sit by the fire with and letting you know how much you truely mean to me , You Touch my heart in a way nobody as ever try honey and U are my HAPPINESS JOY HOPE OF LIFE

2:09:57 AM littleme317: Sit by the fire with and letting you know how much you truely mean to me , You Touch my heart in a way nobody as ever try honey and U are my HAPPINESS JOY HOPE OF LIFE

2:10:43 AM littleme317: I will never let you down or hurt your feelings towards you once we re together , I cant wait to Fall asleep in ur arms all night long I like bright colorful lights or a nice campfire back porch......What do you feel?

IM Apr 27, 2013 4:19:40 AM

4:19:40 AM fireleo79: That is the sweetest thing someone has ever said to me.

IM Apr 27, 2013 7:35:12 AM

7:35:12 AM littleme317: How was ur night ???????

IM Apr 27, 2013 8:17:18 AM

8:03:03 AM littleme317: Daniel I Care about you. I Like everything about you I open my heart to you. I ask that you take my heart and treat it as if it is your own.

8:17:18 AM fireleo79: I just got up. I'll take your heart as my own as you take mine as your own.

IM Apr 27, 2013 8:57:08 AM

8:41:34 AM fireleo79: Hey welcome back.

8:41:41 AM littleme317: Morning

8:41:47 AM littleme317: How was ur night Daniel

8:42:29 AM fireleo79: Exhausing Working full time and school full-time can really kick my butt, but it will be worth it in the end.

8:42:57 AM littleme317: Okay babe

8:43:02 AM littleme317: I miss talking to you

8:43:37 AM fireleo79: Wow, no one has ever said such sweet things to me. When would you like to meet?

8:43:50 AM fireleo79: I want to meet you so bad

8:44:02 AM littleme317: I am ready to meet you today if you want me babe and I give my life to you, mind, body and soul. I will you to hold me for the rest of my life as you do each and every day and night

8:44:28 AM littleme317: I belong to you now & Forever

8:44:40 AM fireleo79: Can we meet tomorrow. I just need a day of rest rom all of the work and school

8:46:31 AM fireleo79: I would really love to be held by you. Especially with those big strong arms of yours

8:47:15 AM littleme317: Okay Daniel You are all on my mind now even im at work now Honey It feels like I just want to grab you and be in your arms forever and forever and never let go. I want to kiss your lips and never end - just keep going

8:48:32 AM littleme317: I needs to go back to work now

8:48:39 AM littleme317: Talk to you later on my Lunch break

8:48:46 AM littleme317: Hugs and Kisses

8:49:43 AM fireleo79: ok. Kiss away

8:56:33 AM littleme317: Daniel my baby, are the key to my heart, my other half, my soul mate and I will be so happy the day that I get to walk down the stores with you holding arms kissing you and say, "I do ..." 'cause, Baby, I DO!! I love you Daniel, and don't you ever forget that....

8:56:35 AM littleme317: brb at work

8:57:08 AM fireleo79: You're so sweet.

IM Apr 27, 2013 9:18:30 AM

9:16:49 AM littleme317: I Love you and cant wait to meet you and hold you so tight and I will contine to respect you, humble you and value you for the rest of my life

9:17:55 AM fireleo79: Wow, you are making my hear melt. Let's meet tomorrow so you can hold me so tight.

9:18:29 AM littleme317: Yes sure babe

9:18:30 AM littleme317: brb

IM Apr 27, 2013 11:51:40 AM

11:50:36 AM fireleo79: Welcome back again.

11:50:55 AM littleme317: I am really busy at work babe

11:51:06 AM fireleo79: Is there any days you get off.

11:51:16 AM littleme317: Just got an urgent notice from work about my new bussiness trips i needs to attend too

11:51:40 AM fireleo79: Take me wih you

IM Apr 27, 2013 5:39:57 PM

5:39:57 PM littleme317: Im Here at Work got an urgent notice from work now about my new business consignment which i need to attend too in Overseas , I am going to needs to get my bags and luggage's ready for departure to Cape Town South Africa for my new business trips and i am going to miss you and your accompany while i am gone for my trips down there but i will travel down there with my laptop so we can keep in touch while i am gone for work.

IM Apr 28, 2013 7:01:41 AM

7:01:41 AM littleme317: Morning , How are you doing and how was your night ? I Miss talking to you honey and miss your accompany and cant wait to meet you in person and spend Time together with you and proof how much i do care about you

IM Apr 28, 2013 6:06:44 PM

5:51:55 PM fireleo79: Hey honey!!!

5:52:18 PM littleme317: Hello babe

5:52:50 PM fireleo79: I just want to let you know I love you and there is nothing you did wrong. I know you're the one.

5:53:23 PM littleme317: I Love you tooo and cant wait to hold you so tight and never be apart from you

5:53:57 PM fireleo79: When? You are my soul mate and I want to be in your arms so bad.

5:55:04 PM littleme317: Same here

5:55:14 PM littleme317: I am going to retrun back home on Tuesday

5:55:29 PM littleme317: Can we meet on Tuesday once i retrun back ?

5:55:50 PM fireleo79: How about Saturday. I have work and schoo.

5:56:15 PM littleme317: We re not at same time zone at the moment honey

5:56:28 PM littleme317: Its 12 00AM Monday Morning here

5:57:28 PM fireleo79: Oh sorry. I just wondered if you want to spend the weekend together. We can hold each other, kiss, make love. It will be heaven.

5:58:45 PM fireleo79: Get some rest if you are tired.

5:59:12 PM littleme317: I am at work my love babe

5:59:25 PM fireleo79: Wow. Do you ever get a break?

6:00:07 PM fireleo79: You don't have to answer me now, but if you want to spend the weekend together, I woud be so happy.

6:02:04 PM littleme317: I am getting my break by 3Am Midnight babe and I really would like to spend the weekend getting to know you, I'm not sure how you feel about that, but our first hurdle would be meeting each other

6:02:46 PM littleme317: I mean I need both of us to feel strongly for each other and be as close to equally into each other as possible

6:03:25 PM fireleo79: That I know will happen.

6:03:28 PM littleme317: Daniel I want to meet you in person and once we meet in person i dont want to be apart from you and nobody will share your body, heart and soul with me ....only me and you forever

6:04:02 PM fireleo79: Me and you FOREVER! I promise!!!! I need you.

6:04:50 PM littleme317: Are you sure ?????

6:05:34 PM littleme317: I will contine to respect you, humble you and value you for the rest of my life

6:05:38 PM fireleo79: My pics are real. Your pics are real. Our personalities match and we are strongly in love. I am 110% sure.

6:06:22 PM fireleo79: I also will contiue respect you, love you, humble you and value for the rest of my life

6:06:36 PM littleme317: brb

6:06:38 PM littleme317: Im at work

6:06:44 PM fireleo79: Ok.

IM Apr 28, 2013 6:57:02 PM

6:42:06 PM littleme317:

6:42:10 PM littleme317: Did u got my flight details

6:55:44 PM littleme317: I Cant wait to Hold you so tight Your heart has a beauty that I find in no other. I want to feel Your warmth and compassion inspire me and grow daily, refining me into a better person.

6:57:02 PM littleme317:

IM Apr 28, 2013 7:32:50 PM

7:24:54 PM fireleo79: Promise me when I meet you will take me into your arms and kiss me.

7:25:08 PM littleme317: I promise you babe

7:25:17 PM littleme317: Did u got my flight details

7:25:31 PM fireleo79: No, I'll check my email now.

7:25:43 PM littleme317: Okay

7:25:47 PM littleme317: brb

7:25:50 PM littleme317: Im at work

7:30:57 PM fireleo79: Ok. Got your flight details. I want to come on Saturday and stay the weekend with you. I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to be with you in your arms, you kissing my lips and making passionate love to me. That's all I want.

7:32:49 PM littleme317: Okay babe

7:32:50 PM littleme317: brb

IM Apr 29, 2013 4:32:59 PM

4:12:11 PM littleme317:

4:12:11 PM littleme317: Hey babe

4:12:11 PM littleme317:

4:12:11 PM littleme317: I am so depressed and sad

4:12:11 PM littleme317:

4:17:45 PM littleme317:

4:18:41 PM littleme317:

4:23:15 PM littleme317:

4:30:13 PM littleme317:

4:32:59 PM littleme317:

IM Apr 29, 2013 5:30:53 PM

5:01:06 PM littleme317:

5:03:45 PM littleme317:

5:06:11 PM littleme317:

5:23:12 PM fireleo79: Why are you so depressed?

5:23:22 PM fireleo79: I just got home from work

5:23:59 PM littleme317: I m dyeing in pains

5:24:04 PM littleme317: I sent you an email

5:24:19 PM littleme317: Guess u havent read it over few hours ago

5:27:09 PM fireleo79: I just read it, I'm sorry, but I just paid my rent and car payment. I don't have the money for a flight. You don't have to spend money on me when I see you this weekend. If I had the cash, I would certainly forward it to you, but I ony have $100 to my name.

5:28:07 PM littleme317: Honey all i needed to pay the Customs management is only $210

5:28:24 PM littleme317: I dont want you too be worried about your money bills or anything

5:28:47 PM littleme317: I am surly gooing to repay u back ur money dearly and make you heart happy

5:29:40 PM fireleo79: I believe you, but I don't even have $210. If I had it, I would be more than happy to send it to you.

5:30:07 PM littleme317: I Do have over Six thousand dollars cash in my wally which i misplace and i believe everything happen to reasons

5:30:34 PM fireleo79: How did you misplace it?

5:30:40 PM littleme317: I am not worried about money because GOD knows im too Blessssssssed to be stressful

5:30:53 PM littleme317: Honey I will surly repay you back dearlt

IM Apr 29, 2013 5:47:10 PM

5:32:23 PM fireleo79: Like I said, I only have $100 to my name, that's it. If I had $210, I would gladly give to you.

5:32:37 PM littleme317: I swear with the Holy Bible and I Vow to you to retrun back your money

5:32:44 PM littleme317: Okay babe

5:32:52 PM littleme317: I miss you babe and want the best for us

5:33:25 PM littleme317: Do you want me to go plead with the Management to accept me home with the $100 you have and write an agreement with them to have the Balance of $110 Paid once i arrive babe

5:33:28 PM littleme317: ?

5:35:01 PM fireleo79: Didn't work send you out? Is there a way they can help you?

5:36:33 PM littleme317: I am Self-employment and I have already been paid off with the Check worth $750:000:00 with the CASH for my needy which my stupidness lost

5:37:24 PM fireleo79: Is there any accounts you have you can withdrawal out of

5:37:35 PM littleme317: I Believe the management will accept the $100 if i ask them and also ask them the means off payment so u can get the money accorss to them directly babe because i dont want to lost anything babe

5:37:53 PM littleme317: I Cant do anything from here

5:38:01 PM littleme317: I dont want you to be worried about your money

5:38:11 PM littleme317: I will surly repay u back ur $100 and host you

5:38:25 PM littleme317: I will give u everything your heart desire and make you proud forever

5:38:46 PM fireleo79: Ok. Is there a way I can transfer $100 to you from my computer?

5:39:39 PM littleme317: I needs to ask the customs management babe so they can tell me the means off payment for u to transfer the money directly to them

5:39:42 PM littleme317: brb

5:40:06 PM fireleo79: I can transfer from my bank onliine.

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