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Darren Ambler
Internet Trolling/ Posting Annoying & Harassing content/ Re: Review Tom web-site/ Darren Ambler- Cyber Stalking/Fake on line accounts: New Jersey:

This is a Complaint / Review about Darren Ambler.

Internet Trolling and Harassment is still a significant problem. Laws have been enacted that can have serious consequences for those choosing to Violate Internet based Laws weather it is intentional or not.
Prime example, an article was published in 2018 that outlined the true story of someone whom was repeatedly Harassed and Stalked on the well-known Facebook Forum. It is hard to believe at times that someone would be that stupid to think they could get away with that sort of thing especially the way in which technology has advanced. In addition, most major Internet web-sites (ex: social networking sites) have increased security measures which enables the web-site to easily identify Harassment, Stalking and other actions which go against Forum Rules and Standard of conduct.
One case in particular involved a Facebook member that was Harassed and Cyber-Stalked for almost a 5 month period in 2016. The Stalker was identified as Mr. Darren Ambler of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Mr. Ambler began to deliberately Cyber-Stalk as well as harass a former friend on the Facebook forum. These actions were deliberate on the part of Mr. Ambler simply because the other person discovered some disturbing details about Mr. Ambler's behaviors.
Apparently, the former friend ( a well-meaning gentleman) discovered that Mr. Ambler was engaging in Inappropriate Sexual behaviors with less than respectable females. In addition, it appears Mr. Ambler also began a consistent pattern of "Pathological Lying". Up until this revelation the two were Facebook friends and shared a number of "mutual friends" on the Facebook forum. Once confronted by the former friend (name omitted due to Privacy concerns)-Mr. Ambler became paranoid, threatening, aggressive toward the Victim in this matter. Naturally, fearing the Victim would Disseminate the "Truth" about Mr. Ambler's actions to Facebook friends and others- Mr. Ambler began a campaign to Stalk- Harass- Slander and Invade the Privacy of his once close friend.
Mr. Ambler in an attempt to protect himself and his reputation felt he had no choice but to discredit his former friend with Vicious untrue lies and spreading malicious gossip. This was being done through the Facebook forum. Mr. Ambler began stalking the Victims Facebook page regularly. In addition, he would send messenger messages to select Facebook mutual friends which contained "untrue" "Slanderous Gossip" about his former friend. Also the select "mutual Facebook friends" were also instructed by Mr. Ambler to sever all Communication with this person and "UNFRIEND" this person IMMEDIATELY. Apparently- after the Confrontation between the two friends the Victim "unfriended" Darren Ambler from Facebook and he also BLOCKED Mr. Ambler from accessing his Facebook page. However- Mr. Ambler found another means of accessing the former friend's Facebook Page/
The Victim secured a competent Attorney which IMMEDIATELY ordered a Facebook investigation. The Investigation uncovered a wealth of "Damaging Evidence" against the accused Darren Ambler. A Subpoena was also secured to obtain critical Facebook Logs and other related information. Internet Harassment and Stalking plain and simple is a CRIMINAL ACT under statute 2C:33-04:
The Investigation eventually concluded. Facebook agreed with Attorney that the accused did in fact VIOLATE FACEBOOK RULES AND STANDARD OF CONDUCT NUMEROUS TIMES - over a four and one half month period. Therefore, after careful evaluation of all evidence collected- Facebook Legal closed Mr. Amblers account. The url associated with this account was Therefore, on August 1, 2016- Darren Ambler was REMOVED from the Facebook forum INDEFINITELY. The Removal from Facebook is an INDEFINITE BAN from the web-site. Once proven harassment-stalking is established on a public web-site the guilty party is Permanently Banned from establishing a new account or resuming the Privileges that is afforded to forum members. However- it was determined that Mr. Ambler did established other Facebook accounts under user name "Dar-ren". Those accounts were restricted also.
The attorney for the Victim notified Mr. Ambler on August 21st via Certified mail. The letter from the attorney warned Mr. Ambler to CEASE any additional Harassment or further action would be initiated. Letter also stated that the attorney was in possession of embarrassing photos and documents that would prove difficult for Mr. Ambler to explain.
Articles such as this one have appeared on other web-site forums. The purpose is to educate others about Internet abuse and Harassment on line. The Consequences should deter anyone from engaging in such behavior however it seems some just do not learn a lesson.
On the web-site "Review-Tom" - an Viewer began posting ridiculous- nonsense which added nothing to the forum topic and it began to become Harassing and more frequent. This was determined on October 12, 2018 to be an act of "Internet Trolling" and "Harassment". An anonymous Poster can be held liable for Trolling and Harassment. Hiding behind a "Fake" screen name does not preclude one from Legal action on a Criminal and/ or Civil Level or both.
The forum moderators had suspicions whom the mystery poster might be. They considered that this particular web-site article would be hard to find for the average Internet viewer. Therefore- it was determined that the poster had to be someone whom was looking for the article discussed here. Meaning, the person would literally have to type the persons name in a search engine exactly as spelled to be directed to this web site and the article.

Someone whom was not very happy that the article was published at all. Whom would attempt to "Demean"- "Make fun Of" and crowd the web-site with a bunch of nonsense posts that are meaningless and phony? The answer the panel came up with was the accused or rather the person whom the evidence suggested committed the act: Need I say more?
The Legal team only did an brief summary investigatory inquiry and came up with the following:

1- That the Poster used "Phony" e-mail addresses when registering to post replies on "Review-Tom" web-site:

2- The web-site due to time constraints does not verify email addresses. However- they may begin the verification process beginning January 2018.

3- The Posts became more frequent within the months of August thru September. Finally September thru October 15, 2018 the posts were made nearly every day - sometimes 2-3 times per day. Therefore- an unbalanced person with an Internet type Obsession was making these "useless" and "Harassing: posts on the Review-Tom web-site.

4. The biggest revelation the Legal Department made known on October 19, 2018 is the following:

A). Attorney Hugh Reiner stated that their summary investigation revealed the "Phony" e-mail addresses used by the person using the user name- "MINECRAFT".

*All information related to Posts/Replies on concerning the article related to Darren Ambler/ Fake on line accounts- Harassment-Stalking Facebook Forum is presented below.

*All E-mails are "Fraud"- they could not be verified because they do not exist and were completely made up by "MINECRAFT".

* The IP Addresses are not authentic- An VPN system was utilized which disguises an IP Address and Location while on line. However- it can be investigated further and the real IP Uncovered.

*It was determined by the IT Supervisor that the poster was using the Internet Provider Verizon FIOS and the real posts were made from a very specific area which has been identified.

*The "Fraudulent" information that "MINECRAFT" left behind illustrated the posts were transmitted through a Server located in Rochester New York as well as Montreal Canada which we know is "FALSE" and so does "Minecraft":

*The Attorneys already anticipated that "MINECRAFT" probably covered all his tracks beforehand. Why would a legitimate poster to a web site go to such lengths to disguise their location and give phony e-mail address to the web-site when posting general comments : Because the comments are nonsense- harassment- serve no purpose but to troll the Internet and aggravate others etc:

* A web site moderator gave "Minecraft" her direct email address and suggested they e-mail her with any questions. Minecraft in two prior posts asked for a way to contact the Moderator with questions they had about building their web site and posting material etc...Strange Minecraft NEVER responded to Moderator's request? This was not surprising at all.

In conclusion- The web site staff has a right to make an informed statement on whom they feel was trolling the web-site in particular the Darren Ambler related article:

"We believe the poster using the name of "Minecraft" and "Minecraft 2005" is none other than DARREN AMBLER.
"The person discussed in the article referenced here - the person whom left a trail of evidence behind back in 2016 when the Cyber stalking Investigation between the Attorney for the Victim and Facebook took place: A disturbed person who tends to have childlike and immature actions - a person who has control issues and tends to :Obsess" over waste of time nonsense that amounts to nothing worthwhile or important to the average normal person/ "Mr. Darren Ambler" - we believe is the anonymous poster whom made all of the Annoying- Harassing and Ridiculous Postings on the Review Tom web-site: Taking responsibility for ones actions is something Mr. Ambler refuses to do now or anytime in the future.

How many people in the USA would be overly interested in locating an article about Mr. Darren Ambler and his Cyber-stalking activities? Although it is of interest due to the nature of what occurred, not many average people would go to any great length to find an article specifically about Mr. Ambler.


It is known at this point in time that Mr. Darren Ambler has some psychological problems which may be responsible for many of his irrational and inappropriate actions. The posts in question were re read and examined by a team of IT professionals and the Legal department. The conclusion was that someone who without a doubt was struggling with emotional problems published the posts. In essence- the posts sounded like an Disturbed Individual whom is somewhat immature for their age wrote the annoying and harassing posts on the web-site. In addition, in spite of the praise that poster "MINECRAFT" gives the article, in reality "MINECRAFT" despises the article because the article exposes DARREN AMBLER.

Someone whom was not very happy that the article was published at all. Whom would attempt to "Demean"- "Make fun Of" and crowd the web-site with a bunch of nonsense posts that are meaningless and phony? The answer the panel came up with was the accused or rather the person whom the evidence suggested committed the act:
I don't know weather or not Mr. Ambler understands every time something like this occurs that he is only making himself look more unstable and "emotionally out of control "-

"Minecraft" will be in for a bit of a surprise the next time they attempt to log on to web-site/ Minecraft will find it quite difficult to access the web-site from October 22 going Forward: My apologies- but that is the way the ball bounces when you repeatedly violate rules- try to con others and generally live your life following your OWN set of RULES and REGULATIONS- it just does not work that way:

Information recovered from IT Department Logs on October 19, 2018 (02:27 pm-PT)................Oakland Ca- location:/ ID# 0228-pull- Yes...........file.N/

**Summary Inquiry Investigation initiated by Review Tom IT Dept and Legal Department revealed that "Minecraft" disguised his IP Locations when making posts: Some of the IP Locations used to disguise the TRUE Location and Identity of "MINECRAFT" include:

1. Montreal Canada....................................

2. Rochester New York ....................................

3. Aurora/Denver Colorado ....................................

*There are many more posts and related posting information: However- Legal dept only referenced three (3) within this report:

New comment on your post "Darren Ambler-Cherry Hill-NJ / Removed from Facebook/ Cyber-Stalking/Harassment:"

Author: minecraft (IP address:,

Email: [email protected] / RESULT- Fraud- NON-Registered email address/ID03387

URL: (url identified / passed thru server 26610-T5/ on date indicated):


Hi Dear, are you actually visiting this web site

regularly, if so afterward you will absolutely take good


You can see all comments on this post here:


New comment on your post "Darren Ambler-Cherry Hill-NJ / Removed from Facebook/ Cyber-Stalking/Harassment:"

Author: minecraft (IP address:,

Email: [email protected]



My brother suggested I would possibly like this blog.

He used to be totally right. This put up actually made my

day. You can not believe simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

You can see all comments on this post here:


New comment on your post "Darren Ambler-Cherry Hill-NJ / Removed from Facebook/ Cyber-Stalking/Harassment:"

Author: minecraft (IP address:,

Email: [email protected]



Hi there, I check your new stuff daily. Your writing style is witty, keep up the good work!

You can see all comments on this post here:


Helpful Advice to all those whom utilize the Internet and all it has to offer: Use On line resources wisely- Do not abuse the Privilege: Do not use the Web for revenge purposes or to stalk and keep tabs on someone. Treat the Internet as if you always have someone watching over your shoulder to make sure you do not do anything that you should not do on line. Do not waste your precious time posting things on line that make no sense, could be considered Harassing, and material that adds absolutely nothing to the topics discussed. If you use the Internet for purposes other than originally intended- you could find yourself in Legal Trouble one day. You would be amazed at how many Individuals and Organizations are now taking Legal action for these Offenses. Remember- Internet related crimes are Criminal acts and these acts are treated so within a court of law.

*Not certain if the anonymous "POSTER "MINECRAFT" is aware but is against the law to use phony-fraudulent e-mail addresses for purposes of posting repetitive and harassing material in a deliberate and consistent manner: Legal Department did in fact determine that "Minecraft" posted "Useless' "Deliberate" "Harassing" material on the web-site on a consistent basis with full intent to annoy- harass and cause one to become alarmed.

*Measures have been taken to make sure "MINECRAFT" can no longer access the web-site with ridiculous and harassing postings (INTERNET TROLLING):

Thank You for reading of this Complaint / Review. For viewing of other complaints, reviews or scam reports about Darren Ambler, press here.
Complaint author: publication_16m

Offender: Darren Ambler

Country: USA
State: All USA
City: Cherry Hill
Address: 12 Westbury Drive
ZIP code: 08003

Category: Internet & Web

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I read about this Daren person on other web-sites. Sounds like a seriously disturbed mental case. Usually those mentally ill people don't think there is anything wrong with them. I saw other articles here about him. I think they are about some sex or prostitution scandal in which he was involved. People like him are plain and simple dangerous narcissists. It is best for anyone involved with people like this to sever any and all ties indefinitely. Nothing positive will come out of being friendly with people like this or worse becoming intimate with him. You may as well well sign your death warrant either way. The use people and usually treat them like crap in the end.

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