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  • Author: Mark DBA/ TC Wrecker Service
  • Date: 07.1.2012
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Anastocio Galvan Jr. - Complaints / Reviews / Scam Reports
Stocio, Coach or Cuz Lied and stole a computer form us and used it to file false complaints against us!

This is a Complaint / Review about Anastocio Galvan Jr..

I would like to let everyone know that this guy is not to betrusted with any of your personal documents or high tech computers or I-pods oranything in that nature. He has attacked me in so many ways with a computer he tookfrom us or should I say stole from us! This guy is my uncle Anastacio Galvan Jr. and he came tovisit me and my family and he took my fathers computer without asking us if hecould. Days before his visit our cat knocked it down and crushed the outside ofthe case but at the time I had it off and disconnected from all source ofelectricity so nothing went bad in it but I was waiting for my fathers techthat takes care of his computers to show up and replace the case. My father retains a company to fix and upgrade all of hiscomputers he needs to be built or repaired and upgraded and we did not need himto take it or fix it but he still took it. He told me he had a case just likeit and he could have it done and bring it back within days, but I knew we didnot need it done before my father would even notice. He already knew it felldown and got cratered the case. He took it and did this when he loaded up his vehicle to goback home. My father was at the doctors and I went to pick up a vehicle when hetook it. When my father got back he noticed it was missing and asked my sisterand myself where did we place it at and we all said that we thought that hetold our uncle he could take it and fix it because that is what he told mysister when he placed it into his vehicle when he left. I knew he was lying butmy sister wasnt there when I told him to leave it. See my fathers computers are built not purchase from astore because the ones from the store are not big enough to hold all of his programs.See he was in the automotive industry and the programs he needs are way too bigfor a store bought computer so he has them built and some of them cost as muchas thirty five hundred dollars and some are as low as fifteen hundred and he tookit without asking my father to fix it so that is where we say that he stole it. What make that bad is that my father just had it built andsince he pays a company to fix and repair his computers my uncle had no rightin taking. My father paid fifteen hundred dollars for that one. At the time my father and I was restoring my uncles 1990Chevy truck and I thought since he was my fathers brother and since my fatherand I was doing this restore for just the parts we did not have in stock. Whenmy father called him to see why he took it my uncle told him, that I said hecan because we were not charging for the parts we had in stock. He said he hadone at his house just like it and that he was going to do it for free since myfather and I were not charging him for any labor and just for parts that we didnot have in stock. Well my father and I have a fleet of Chevy trucks from 1988to 1999 and my uncles truck was a 1990 Chevy and since my father always keepsparts in stock for those trucks and since it was the same style of truck andwithin those years that the truck was produce in it was so easy to restore itbut there was parts that my uncle removed that was needed to operate his trucksafely and those were parts that we did not have but my father gave him partsthat was needed to fix his truck. We did not have those parts but since myfather was giving him those other parts for free my uncle knew that he wouldhave to pay for the parts we did not have. Which my uncle knew and understood that he was going to beresponsible in buying those parts if we did not have them in stock. As we were fixing his truck he became a little frustratedbecause he wanted it done a lot faster and like everyone that sees the carshows on cable where it shows that is can be done within seven days. I had totalk to him several times and told my uncle that this is not a TV show and if wehad the sponsors like they had and is we had the money they have this restorewould have been done a lot faster than he wanted it to be done! But he knewthat he needed to pay for parts that we did not have, and my uncle never gave usnot one red cent to purchase those parts. He also knew my father was sick and Iwas so angry with him because he knew it and he was acting like the way he wasacting. I asked him several times about my fathers computer. See myfather needed it and he was had his tech install his personal information in itand his programs and he needed it to use on other jobs that was pending. See my father worked on his truck at his house where we cando it ourselves, and let our employees work on paying jobs at our shop, and whenwe worked on his truck we worked on my fathers building at the same time work thatis behind his house that way we can work on our own fleet of truck withoutgetting in the way of our employees could work on their vehicles that they weredoing. I have tried to work on our own fleet of trucks at the shopand we always got in their way so my father has been fixing our vehicles at hishouse where we have about the same amount of tools there as we do at our shop. Sowe thought that we can work on his to keep from getting into everybodys way atthe shop. I had some of our employees come out as well but without the partsthat was needed the restore came to a halt and my father asked him severaltimes for the funds that was needed to purchase the parts and he kept telling himto buy them and he would pay him back. Well my father trusted him and my fatherused his own money that was for his house payment to purchase those parts afterwaiting to long for him to send us the money to buy those parts. I still asked him for my fathers computer and he will alwayschange the subject each and every time I would ask him. What I was thinking wasnot what my father was thinking what I saw he was doing and there was more goingon that he was showing to take him just like my grandmother did to him back inthe 1990s. I saw it and I deiced to just cut it short and just finish fixinghis truck for my father. What we did to it and the work that was done to it andthen let my father take it back to him, my uncle told my father he was goingthrough some hard times and he needed another vehicle for my aunt because thevehicle she had was breaking down all of the time. Well my father never saw what I saw and he felt sorry forhim because he lives two hundred miles away and wasnt able to fix it for her.I tried to tell my father but he loved his brother and he told my uncle if heif can be any help to him and his wife just let him know. Well my father was able to get his grandson that summer and hewanted to take him to see where he grew up at, and he wanted to take my mothertoo for her vacation as well so they decided to go to his home town which waswhere my uncle lives and he asked them to stay with them way before we startedto restore my uncle truck. So they took his offer and went down there and when they gotthere it was a surprise to them to see that he had a lot of vehicles in hisdriveway, but my father never said anything to him. I knew when he called usand told me but my father does not think that my uncle was going to scam him soI just went along and tried to keep a straight face that way they would have agood time but my uncle had my father work on all of those vehicles he had inhis drive way. My father did spend some time with his grandson and my mother butevery day he had something for my father do. My father finally asked him for his computer and that iswhen he said it was stolen that someone stole it out of his storage room. Now whenmy father told me that I started to think why was it at the storage roominstead at his house where he fixing them. It has already been several monthsand he still havent fixed it or he havent sent us any money to purchase theparts for his truck but I just told father to give us the police report that waymy father can file it with the insurance company to make a claim that way hecould get a another one built for him. Well he never gave my father a police report and he nevershowed my father how they broke into it. He did take my father over to his storage room and as theypulled in. My father notice that there were cameras everywhere and he told myfather they did not work. My father started to notice that my uncles stories were notmaking any since so he knew that there is something in the mist because they wereworking because my father went back the next day to see if they worked. See he askedwho ever was working there at that time to see how much was their units and ifthey had security and they showed him how many cameras and the video and wherehe saw my uncles unit on the monitor. So right then my father knew they hadfootage on his storage room and what my uncle told him was nothing but lies. My Father left that place and my brothers house the next dayangry but I never said anything to him but my father went home to finish myuncles truck but about two weeks later he called my father told him that myaunt vehicle just went down again and he wanted my father to find him a vehiclelike the one he went over there with. He told my father that he wanted he onehe used when he went over to see them on my mother vacation but my aunt couldnot drive a standard transmission so he told him to catch the bus over here andhe would loan him that vehicle until he can find him one that way she can drivehis car and he can drive my SUV. Well my uncle was here the next morning and he took it. Twoweeks later my father friend found a vehicle that was stolen from us. Well itdid not belong to us but we fixed it and they never paid us for it they paid uswith a check and we were so busy we never had a chance to deposit it into ourbank but when we did the following week that checked bounced so they stole itwithout paying us in full so my father had it reposes for the amount that wasowed to us. My father had his friend that owns a repossession company torepose it and return it to us and I stored it at my shop waiting for the ownersor lean holders to come and get it to pay my father in full. Well the ownercame but he came with an altitude and he just got arrested because he came witha bat in hand and the lean holder refused to pay for something they did not askfor. The way the law is written it doesnt matter who brings it in if theybrought it in for repairs they have to pay for it or the owner or lean holdershave to pay for it within ten days of completion of the work that was done toit. All of the paper work was filed and the day was coming forthem to recover it and my father knew it was going to be ours within thirtydays since the owner was still in jail and the lean holder said they were notcoming after it. So my father called my uncle and told him and he did not waitat all he jumped on the first bus and came down to get it. My father never toldhim to come he just came and he left my little SUV at his house. He called me from the bus station telling me to tell myfather to come get him so I went and as we were coming back to my house he keptasking me questions about this vehicle. I told him I did not know anything butI think he still needed to wait the thirty days and then submit the paper workin to the DMV and have them reissue a title to me or to whomever purchase thevehicle. I could not let say he could or not buy it until that time limit ranout. He said he needed it because he was walking. I looked at himand said where my SUV, and he said that his son was using it and I said why myfather loaned it to you not him and he said like he was my big brother. He saidwhat I do with what I have at my house is his business and none of mybusiness. I saw he was starting to actlike he did when he would fight with my father when they were younger. I neversaw them but the stories we heard from my fathers aunts and uncles they toldus that my father was treated very bad so I never said anything again aboutthat but he continued to wine about that vehicle so my father finally checkedif he could let him buy it before the time limit was up. He called the DMV to check and they said that he could not butsince he knew no one was coming after it that he can get a thirty day tag fromthe state to let my uncle drive it until the day came to where my father cansale it to him. So I felled out the 130-U form to transfer it into his name buthe said he was going to place it into my uncle wifes name and he signed itwell I took a copy of his driver license and then my father placed insurance onit and got the thirty day tag and I let him take it home thinking he was goingto send my SUV back which he never did. The day came to where we can file and transfer but when myfather saw 130-u form he noticed that he signed his name to the VTR-265 formthat is needed to file that lean and he needed to have my uncles wife signedit which he she never did he signed it for her. He came over and started a bigdeal about it and again he never brought my SUV back. He came and left as fastas he came and said some things to my father about his truck as well and theywere not nice words but again what I say are not heard so I just took it like Ialways did. My father transferred the title and my uncle never sent myfather the money like he said he would. My father got mad at me. So I wentright back to work on my uncles truck that way I can finish his truck, but Idid not fix what was needed to be fix due to the fact he never sent my father thefunds that was needed to finish his truck. Well that is where my uncle started to act crazy and how it cameto be. I called him and told him that my father was on his way to pickup my SUVand to take him his truck and he needed to pay my father when he got there forboth of the vehicles like he said he would in the beginning when he came anddropped off his 1990 Chevy picked up and that SUV he purchase from my father.The deal was that my father will sale my uncle that SUV and he would have to startsending us money in the amount of $150.00 every two weeks and when we were donewith his truck he would pay us in full for both of those vehicles. Which henever did! Well my father went over to pick up my SUV then he talked tomy uncle and he did not have the money he owed us so my father had to make adecision to either leave them or just bring them back and make his brother payit in full like we do when our customers do when they have no money to pay uswell my father did not want to do that to his own brother so he decided toleave them and hope that he would pay us. Well I had to pick up my father andmy mother because my SUV never made it back my uncle burned out the clutch andbroke my gears in that standard transmission. I went over there and had to pay for the fuel going and coming back Idid pickup my SUV that my father loaned my uncle, and it was wrecked and dirtyinside and out and at the time I did not know he broke the gears I knew heburnt out the clutch but why did he wreck it. He laughed when I called him upand asked him what happen and he told me crap happens. He did not have themoney like he told my father he would have to pay us just like he told us hewould. I told him you havent paid us on time and not even the amount we agreedthat he would pay us. He was supposed to send my father two payments at onehundred fifty dollars every two weeks to make it three hundred dollars permonth and it was only one hundred and fifty dollars every month he never sent myfather the full amount at any time. He never even paid for the transferred feesto place it into my aunts name. Well my father had to think of something. He was two hundredmiles away, and he had three vehicles sitting there in front of him and therewas only had two drivers so he needed to see what he needed to do in getting themhome. My father is a great guy he let my uncle keep them no money to pay forthem which I thought it was a bad ideal because my father had to use his money forhis house payment to finish his truck and to take it to him. I would of takenit regardless of the money situation. My father had to use his house paymentsand there were three vehicles and no way to transport them to Houston which was two hundred miles away. My father decided to let him keep them as long as he makespayment on time and in full which he never did. He scammed my father from thevery beginning. He never had to walk. He never planned to pay us! He planned totake my fathers money and run just like he always did with everybody he everhad some work done for him! I thought since he was my fathers brother he would at less grewup and stopped his bully ways his thieving ways and the way he scams people. We were taught not to steal or lie about anything. My fatherhated that way of life. I hated to think that my fathers family would take advantageof my father and scam him like the way my grandmother did to him in the 1990sI was born April 1 before my grandmother stole my fathers life long dreams hesaved up a lot of money to give us a good life and she stole it. I was still indiapers when she did so I really dont know much it was but my brother andsister told me and I seen the way my fathers family treats him. So I changed the way I felt about my uncle and his sistersand my grandmother. My father showed me to have morals and ethics, but as I sawthe way my uncle treated my father after my father helped him out and he istreating us like we are a peace of dog crap. I never wanted my father to feel badbut my uncles has been doing this for a very long time and too see this the lifemy father worked so hard to keep us away from us. I never did anything to myuncle for him to treat us like this but my father has regretted helping myuncle to see the way he is acting like right now I much rather see him out ofmy familys life.

Well it went on for months back and forth! My uncle called myfather names that sounded like my uncle was a kid then he started to make threatenremarks to my father after my father told my uncle if he did not pay us he wasgoing to file it in court which he did and that is when my uncle started his threats.He said he was going to make my fathers life a living hell which he did! Myuncle filed complaints to all of the state government offices and to the BBBand to the police here and over there where he lives at when my father filedthat law suit. Well what my uncle did was not right he did owe my father heknew what my father was doing he knew that all he had to do is pay for parts wedid not have! He got his truck repaired for $1933.07 and my father gave him $13640.28.but only charged him for $1933.07. My uncle filed here on this web site; it is report number739076 which he tried and losing. He even trying to attack my fathers customersand the children that my father has helped and he even attacked the ones thathe already helped in the pass. And that is why I am saying this! My father computer never was stolen my uncle is using it toshow he paid my father in full my uncle went into it and pulled a form out ofit to write himself a bill of sale showing he paid my father was paid in full.Well the funny thing about that bill of sale was never finished my father nevergot to finish that form. He was still working on it before the cat knocked itdown. Let me explain that. My father had an accident and was not able to work so I tookit out of his office and was going to install by his bed that way he can writechecks and order parts from his bed room and that is when the cat knocked itdown. The form wasnt done and the funny thing is when he felledit out my uncle never changed the phone numbers that my father placed on theline where a phone number would be at. It had 713-555-5555 and his phone numberstarted with 210-316-18XX and his address was not even posted on it and theamount was wrong he even placed his wifes name on it and it was in the wrongplace and my fathers address was wrong the phone numbers was wrong where ouraddress would be and he just did not do it to prove to everyone he did pay usin full he did it because he called the DMV, the OCCC and the BBB to makecomplaints on my father and he sent that bill of sale to them to show them whathe was claiming that my father was scamming him and the public. When that did not work because those agencies came out toinvestigate my father, and they saw that the bill of sale that my uncle sent tothem was forged and that is what and how they were able to see that he filed afalse report about my fathers company. They all saw the same file and they all saw where my father gavehim free parts and labor in the amount of $13640.28 and he lied about that aswell. He never told them that he was my fathers older brother he never toldthem about the computer he stole from my father and how he deceived my father. In the way he purchase that 2001 Nissan pathfinder and wherehe never paid us the full amount and on time for any time and how much he owedmy father and where he only paid six months of it and that is when my father sawall of those vehicles my uncle had on his drive way and that is when my uncle stoppedpaying my father for the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. My uncle wrote on many web sites lying to everyone thatwould listen to him. He lied to the courts and they havent even seen theinside of one yet. My father filed the claim back on July 1, 2011 and we arestill waiting for a court date to see the Judge when my father saw thiscomplaint and he wrote a rebuttal on it and my uncle took it to the next extreme.He filed his complaint to this web site on June 10, 2011 twenty one days beforemy father file this case in court. My fathers customer found it and told my father about that reportthat my uncle wrote and my father wrote a rebuttal about it and my uncle justcould not leave it alone he had to be the last man standing he had to have thelast word in. He had to put my father down he had to belittle my father to showeveryone that his claims were and are true and make my father look like a liarand a thief. Well he failed badly and he will always fail in everything he doesif he keeps on cheating and lying his way around and throughout his life. My uncle has lied to everyone and he is still lying to thisday but that is the way he was brought up and that is the way he was raised andhe raising his kids too do the same, and I hope his kids would see the things Isaw, and be is the right state of mind to change their ways before they do whathe is doing. Look at the way he has attacked my father and my family and myfather is his little brother could you imagine what he would do to you. He said the same thing about me but my father posted the proofand my father has shown to everyone what he did and why he did it for. On thatrebuttal he filed on this web site report number 739076, but what make myuncles to be false he never posted anything up to prove his allegations. Henever showed his proof, and he never proven his case. He never showed why heaccused my father and placed these allegations up on this web site it is over200 reports long that has been posted and most of them were my fathers and allhe was showing was the proof and he explained away my uncles false allegations.But my uncle never did and he never will post or place anything like thatunless he wants to show everyone his IQ or the level of education by making up moreof his lies but he thinks my father is dumb well I say let him because myfather will use it all against him in the court of law. So if you see or hear his name or the name that is affiliatedwith him or Identifies him please check it out and make sure you know who youare talking or dealing with because if he gets your privet information he willuse it to gain profit and wreck your life like he is trying to do to my fatheras well as me. See I took over the company back on my birthday because myfather is very sick he has something in his chest and he cant or wont go tothe doctors if my uncle continues his attacks he feels that he needs to protectus so he refuses to take the test until they go to court and he also wants todefend his grandmother even after she has been dead for a long time now, but myuncle has open up a can of worms that my father placed behind him and wentafter the memories of his grandmother and my fathers life. Now if you ask me I never like going over to her house butmy father loved her so I went but he always had my brother and I cut, clean,and take care of her house we went over in the summers every other weekend todo that but he loved his grandmother like I loved mine and when I look the wayhe took care of my grandmother I can see what and how he felt like about hisgrandmother. His name is Anastacio Galvan Jr. aka Stocio, aka Coach. Heis about Five foot eight weighs between 365 to 400 pounds maybe a little morehe has light back and white hair dark skin and he lives in San Antonio Texas andhe claims to work on computers but only know how to work on Windows XP he canbuild them but he never build them to your spics. He will tell you he has it init and the truth of the matter he only puts in what he thinks you need that wayyou would have to keep calling him in to upgrade your computer until you find eitherfind out or you just give up on him but by that time it would be too late. So keep a look out for this guy and anyone that says thatthey can work on computers that have no work history to back them up. He claims to travel all over the place so he might be inyour town / city trying to scam the people that do not know him He was lastseen in South Houston three weeks ago but he been known to travel to Oklahoma,New Mexico, and even to Florida and he might be over there since Debbie wentthrough there and there might a lot of people that will need their computerslooked at. We have family over there and he will have a place to stay until heis caught or his scam will be discovered. Here is a photo when he came over and he was playing with mygrandson and this was before he stole my computer. That way if you see him youwill at least know what he looks like and what he is going to try to do you! Good luck and be very careful with this man! He is not to betrusted at all! Read the report number 739076 it is long and sometimes dumb butonly because he brings up stuff that has nothing to do with the case he filed!

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Complaint author: Mark DBA/ TC Wrecker Service

Offender: Anastocio Galvan Jr.

Country: USA
State: Texas
City: San Antonio
Phone: 2107060596
Site: San Antonio, TX 78228

Category: Internet & Web

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